Nintendo Switch Sale Makes These 5 Games Just $5 for a Limited Time

Nintendo Switch Sale Makes These 5 Games Just $5 for a Limited Time


Right now, courtesy of a new Nintendo eShop sale, every Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite users can download five great Nintendo Switch games, all of which have been made less than $5, but only for a limited time. As a result, Switch and Switch Lite users can nab five quality games for roughly $18.

As always, there are hundreds of Switch and Switch Lite games on sale, including many quality games for only a few dollars. For the purpose of this article though, we decided to highlight five deals for five quality and distinct games. That said, if none of the deals below tickle your fancy, be sure to check out the entire sale for yourself, courtesy of the link right under this.

Below, you can check out all five aforementioned games. This includes not only a trailer of each game, but a description of each game. Further, there’s also a link to each’s game’s listing on the digital storefront.

State of Mind — $1.99

Description: “Berlin, 2048 – The world is on the brink. Lack of resources, illnesses caused by polluted air and water, crime on the rise, war. Governments and companies promise remedies through technological progress. Drones and humanoid robots replace humans in the public sector, everything is interconnected, surveillance has become omnipresent. Richard Nolan is one of the few journalists openly criticizing this development. When he wakes up in hospital after an explosion and finds that his wife and son have mysteriously vanished, Richard realizes: he and his family have become more than just bystanders in a storm of rivaling ideas pertaining humankind’s salvation between dystopian reality and digital utopia. Instead, they find themselves right at the center of it.”

Description: “After decades of toil, an old machinist plots his escape from the oppressive grasp of the Communist regime. Through hidden passages, shadow and grief, he struggles. Ingenuity, reflexes, and deception are his tools. Along the road, he befriends the most unlikely creature, an abandoned little robot. Could they escape this bleak and deadly world, together?”

Description: “Traverse a mythic little realm, use a sword to do battle & evoke ‘sworcery’ to solve mystical musical mysteries. Experience a video game world that is affected by moon phases & help a wandering warrior monk complete her woeful errand.”

Description:Rebel Cops is a spin-off game from This Is the Police, which exclusively features the series’ turned-based tactical operations. Lead a ragtag squad of cops in rebellion against their town’s new criminal power, and see how long you can hold out when you’re constantly short on supplies, and a single shot can cost a cop his life.”