Nintendo Switch Pro Details Possibly Revealed, Including 4K Support and OLED Screen

There have been rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro for a couple of years now, but so far, that’s all there’s been: rumors. However, now dataminers have discovered files pertaining to an upgraded Nintendo Switch model in the console’s newest firmware update, or at least they’ve discovered files that appear to be related to the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. The discovery comes the way of “SciresM” a prominent dataminer and leaker who recently relayed word that the aforementioned files make references to “Aula,” which is believed to be a codename for a new and upgraded Nintendo Switch.

Naturally, the findings are littered with technical jargon that is really neither here nor there. What’s important to note is that the files suggest Aula may support 4K resolution based on its support for a Realtek chip capable of 4K media. Meanwhile, it looks like the Aula model will make use of a fancy OLED screen. Of course, both of these would be massive upgrades to what the Switch currently offers, and the former, 4K support, has been parroted by just about every previous rumor and report about the unconfirmed machine.

For those that don’t know: OLED screens provide better image quality and contrast compared to other screen types. In particular, they display deep black colors much better than alternatives. And they do all of this whilst using less energy, which could prove essential to achieving a longer battery life.

The reason why you don’t see OLED screens often is the same reason why so many don’t have a 4K display yet: money. OLED screens are very expensive compared to LED and LCD screens.

While the Aula model likely has an OLED screen, it probably won’t come with a 4K screen built into it. In other words, it won’t have portable 4K gaming. However, the aforementioned files about the model’s Realtek chip do suggest it will be capable of 4K Gaming when docked and pair with a TV.

In addition to all of this, SciresM relayed word of substantial upgrades to battery life and cooling. And this is where the salient details largely end.

As always, everything here should be taken with a huge grain of salt. While the source in question is reliable, all of the information here is of the unofficial variety, is subject to change, and a bit speculative.

At the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not commented on this leak and the speculation surrounding it in any capacity. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.