Nintendo Consoles Are Aimed At “Kids And Teens” Says Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi In Disputed Translation – Nintendo Life

@COVIDberry This could be a boon in and of itself, as this allowed some characters to age (again, Old Man Logan was just the first thing popping in my mind here), and with this aging progress, other thematic ideas would almost automatically come to the forefront.

I’m NOT saying that classic Zelda games about a young Hero Link need or should go away, just that I would appreciate, like I said, additional takes on that. One of my favourite aspects of Ocarina of Time was the whole idea of the time travel, getting older Link, peeking into the future, getting that desolated, decidedly not farily tale world. But all of this was very narrowly confined to what the game allowed it to be, which was not all that much in the grand scheme of things.

Also, not gonna lie, I’d love to see the mechanics change with the themes as well. Like taking some influences from Dark SOuls could not hurt. We don’t need to go grim-dark, but there is certainly room for improvement in terms of combat in particular. Again, an older, more seasoned and maybe less naive Link would not just act differently, see the world differently, but also fight differently, would he not?

I just feel it would be immensely satisfying for longtime fans and players to see Link grow up besides them. That does not take away from nostalgia being a pleasant feeling booting up these games nowadays, and there is more to them than that for sure, as all of this is not diss of great games like BotW, but … I can imagine quite a bit more here and the time seems ripe to me. That’s why I brought up “Logan”. That is a MAJOR character of vast popular appeal, and he was allowed to age and … end. Jackman has become the most well known incarnation of Wolverine. Starting from a young’ish and angry version of himself until … something completly different. He is no longer a static character. He is not recast as soon as he quits or is to old to fill the role, like most of these characters (think James Bond, Spider-Man and such). He is given a real arc as a person. I think that is easily the greatest achievement of Fox’s X-Men movies. Does this mean Link has to die? No, not at all, what it does mean is that Link should seem mortal for a moment. Not just a recurring idea, but a person that is just a manifastation of said idea. People though … people change and they CAN die.

Will Wolverine be recast and brought back eventually? Absolutely, and I want him to at some point. But for now he more than caricature of a character. He had an actual tangible fictional life, with beginning, middle and end. I do love that, I truly do.

I doubt Nintendo is going to take this to heart anytime soon though, which is a shame, as I imagine it would also be a boon to their creative teams to allow for some other directions to be taken, some creative muscles long dormant being flexed!

You’ve complained about having your words twisted, personally. So I hope you can appreciate why so many people feel like Mr. Nagoshi’s statement should be reported accurately. Because if sucks having your being attacked for something you didn’t even say.

I’m not asking you to put your faith in me, or any other commentator or Twitter user. But given the issues many people have found surrounding the original summary of Nagoshi’s words, I would at least encourage you to suspend judgement until things have been officially cleared up. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to wait for an official statement from Sega to clarifying things. But in the mean time, I would ask you to refrain from attacking the man at the centre of all this. Because, as you know, it’s not fun having your words twisted, and it’s not fun being attacked for something you didn’t say.

Let’s hope Sega does clarify things themselves soon. Because this whole thing really is just a storm in a teacup that has spiralled out of control.