Nintendo Confirms New Camera Controls For Zelda: Skyward Sword HD – Nintendo Life

A narrative has developed online questioning how much endeavour Nintendo has put into The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, with a ‘quality of life trailer’ subsequently helping a little to show various changes that should theoretically make the game better than it was in its original guise on Wii. Yet you could argue that some of Nintendo’s messaging has been a little strange and slow in coming, with tweets being relied upon to promote tweaks like much improved game save options, for example.

Now the company has officially confirmed and outlined something that eagle-eyed viewers had noticed already, including Jon Cartwright from our video team – camera control. Missing from the original due to the mandatory Wii Remote Plus + Nunchuk controls and the resultant lack of a second stick, in the new version we’ll be able to control the camera directly, which will help the game feel a lot more modern.

Its implementation will be a little different depending on your control options – when using detached Joy-Cons for motion controls you simply use the right stick as normal, but when using button controls (in which the right stick will control your sword and other weapons) you’ll need to press and hold L before moving the right stick.

It’s nice to see it formally confirmed, and to learn how it’ll work for those of us eager to play in handheld or use physical controls.

Let us know what you think of these camera options in the comments.

Ok sorry if I’m bringing some type of hate here bc i’m really not, buut, You guys are telling me, that 2d games aren’t worth 60$ but your willing to pay 60$ for a ten your old port? Just in what world does that make sense?

I’ve been on the fence since February about this game, even though I enjoyed it on the Wii originally, even with all its flaws.

It will be interesting to see Skyward Sword sales vs Link’s Awakening sales.

@Snatcher You’re paying for the experience of replaying one of your favourite games, and Skyward Sword is that for me. The price of admission is a little steep, I understand why people are annoyed at that, but I also can’t deny the hard work that’s gone into all the improvements; even doing a hotfix for a handful of bugs is time consuming and stressful, not to mention resurrecting what many consider the worst main series Zelda game and making it functional for a new audience.

For me, it’s the same as my local cinema telling me they’ve got Alien or Blade Runner showing for the next week, with an admission of £30 per ticket. That price is ***** ridiculous, but the experience is worth it to me as an individual. I’m happy to spend extra to have a really fantastic time, and I know I’ll have that with Skyward Sword. It’s not an analogy that clicks with everyone, certainly you come across as more sensible than me in that regard, but that’s the mentality… if Nintendo released N64 games on Switch at £10 a pop with absolutely zero improvements, I’d still buy quite a few titles because the experience is greater than the impact to my wallet. Hope that makes sense.

It’s depressing that the new economy seems to revolve around people justifying any price for anything if it’s a thing they want, which in turn drives all prices on all things, higher and higher for everyone. As long as someone can afford it, any price is fine. What happens as more and more people get priced out of more and more things because price no longer reflects the actual value of an item, but the maximum a sufficient portion of the market has the disposable cash and willingness to part with it will sustain? As that becomes more and more sustainable as a business function, we more and more rapidly split into a genuine dystopia of two diametrically opposed civilizations living completely different ways of life.

I get that needing to often reposition the camera in the original version can be annoying, but using a second stick to do it is even worse. Once again, dual analog controls suck!