Nintendo Animal Crossing New Horizons Giveaway!

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing New Horizons took 2020 by storm! We are super fans of the game (including myself). I grew up playing Mario and Mario Kart but hadn’t touched a gaming system in years – until Animal Crossing New Horizons came along. If you don’t have the game yet – now’s your chance!

Nintendo sent along a few of their most popular items including ACNH, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and Super Mario Celebration Monopoly! Since we already own the game, we’re giving it away to one lucky reader!

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Nintendo Animal Crossing New Horizons

ACNH is an interactive game where you build up a deserted island into a paradise. You’re in control of everything from where you pitch your tent to building your own dream home, what villagers you want on your island, and where to plant trees and flowers. The cool thing about ACNH is the creativity you get to explore while building your island paradise – and the amazing graphics!

To advance in the game, you’ll want to check in with Tom Nook and Isabelle often. It’s also important to talk to your villagers daily, as well as gift them items and the various other things they ask of you so you can build your friendship status with them.

As you earn bells and grow your island, you’ll invite more villagers to live there as well as advance from a 1-star island all the way up to a 5-star. You’ll enjoy all the seasons within the game including seasonal activities like growing pumpkins in fall or building snowmen in winter. One of our favorite activities is fishing for sharks during the summer.

There are loads of guides online to help you further your progress in the game. If you’re curious what it’s like to look for a new villager for your island, my boys and I did a Youtube Live villager hunt recently.

Check out the video below:

Not only will your kids love Animal Crossing New Horizons but you’ll be hooked too! You can have multiple people living on one island with you so get the whole family involved!

Giveaway time!

Enter below for your chance to win ACNH for the Nintendo Switch!

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