New Nintendo Switch with 7-inch Samsung OLED panel, 4K output could launch this year

A new Nintendo Switch is said to be in the works and could launch later in the year, just in time for the holiday season. This isn’t the first time we are hearing about a new Nintendo Switch model, but now a fresh report suggests that Nintendo might be looking at Samsung to provide bigger OLED displays.

As per certain people familiar with the matter, Samsung Display is expected to start mass-producing 7-inch OLED panels with 720p resolution by June. There is an initial monthly target of a million units, while the displays are slated to be shipped for assembly around July. The report comes from Bloomberg that also says representatives for Nintendo and Samsung Display have not given an official statement on the matter as of yet.

The move to an OLED display would not only mean increased brightness with improved colors and contrast, but the console should also offer slightly better battery life as well. Nintendo seems to have gone for rigid OLED panels for the new model which will be cheaper but less flexible. This means that it won’t be as impressive as the ones you see on high-end smartphones. It is also being said that the new Nintendo Switch will now offer 4K resolution when hooked up to a TV. The current generation console can only scale to 1080p. That could be a valuable addition to the Switch lineup as it would bring it to par with more recently released Xbox Series X, Series S, and the Sony PlayStation 5. Considering Nintendo has been relying on NVIDIA for the graphics hardware on the Switch, we cannot negate the possibility of new AI-based upscaling, maybe even DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling).

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most successful consoles from the company. As per a report from Game Industry, about 79.87 million Switch devices have been shipped worldwide as of 1st February 2021. The console is currently said to be the company’s fifth best-selling machine behind the Nintendo DS (154 million), Nintendo Wii (101.6 million), the Game Boy (118.7 million), and the Game Boy Advance (81.5 million).

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