New LEGO Mario ‘Master Your Adventure Maker Set’ Is Available Now – Nintendo Life

As promised towards the end of last year, the ‘Master Your Adventure Maker Set’ is now available as part of the LEGO Super Mario range.

This new set lets you expand your collection with new enemies like Larry Koopa, and also allows players to get creative with Customisation Blocks.

Enhance your LEGO Super Mario experience and create unique levels with this Maker Set! Choose rewards for LEGO Mario (figure not included) with the Customization Time Block and Customization Item Blocks. Build new challenges and introduce Larry and a Goomba, Bob-omb and Koopa Paratroopa to the play. Add the Special Pipe: Dash 30 and try to finish your level in 30 seconds to win more coins!

If you’re interested, you can go ahead and buy the set from LEGO’s official store right here. It’ll set you back $59.99, but as we already know, collecting LEGO Mario toys is an expensive business.

Have you been enjoying the LEGO Mario range? Will you be adding this set to the collection? Let us know in the comments.

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My 7 year old has been enjoying his Mario sets a bunch (and so has his 5 year old sibling). I agree that the sets themselves are pretty bare-boned (especially considering the price). The nice thing about LEGO though, is that if you have extra pieces, you can dress up the Mario sets a bunch. My kid hasn’t felt the need to do this yet (which I wouldn’t expect at his age).

@Zequio yeah the patent for the standard bricks is invalid for many years now, that’s true. Anyway, at least in europe, they could successfully fight of competitors in court until 2010 maybe? But there was a game changing decision at that time that opened up the market in europe.
For the pricing: if it only would be because of the license fee… Check their current LEGO city series, where they introduce a new and very bad street system, which is only partly compatible with the old system and can hardly fit the cars/trucks that come with the system:

And the pricing is very similar to the Nintendo set
Sure, LEGO was never cheap, but you always got a bang for your buck. My parents are not rich by any means, typical middle class income. Still, they could afford LEGO for birthdays and Christmas for 3 kids (my sister was more the Barbie- type, though). And I’m not talking about a small box with just one figure and a generic car. We got electric trains, space stations and all that stuff, so.we.could build our own town and world. This would cost several 100$ by today’s pricing