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@noobish_hat People are buying from them because the “big” guys do not want to make physical copies.

I buy from LRG very often. It is expensive, yes but when no other option is present what can you do? Wait? Nope, some games are only available from LRG and it will be that way for a while.

Small examples that I can think of are Blasphemous and Streets of Rage 4.

But how to get physical copy of Castlevania Collection, Doom Collection, Divinity Original Sin 2, Bloodstained Curse of the Moon and many more? The original publishers do not care to make physical copies themselves because they are afraid of losing profits.

This is the future from now on as more and more gamers say that digital is the future. At least some “vampire” organizations can provide what others don’t want to.

I do not care from where my physical copy arrives (as long as it is not from a scalper )

And there are those like me who prefer to own things in physical form. That is why I also like to tap into the second hand market as there are lots of options. It is the same as book readers many switched to eReaders but there are people who still want to buy books make from paper.

@Zuljaras I’m somewhere in between all of that. I wait for dirt cheap, and sometimes still go for slightly more expensive physical. But I always wait until I feel like prices have probably dropped to a low they won’t beat anytime soon. recently got Xenoblade Definitive on Switch physically for €25, I don’t think it’ll ever drop that low digitally. Years of collecting has given me some insight into what prices to expect when under what circumstances by what developer / publisher. And it taught me to collect less in the first place, and play some more, where 90% off digital sales are the best and indeed more convenient way to go. Freed up a ton of budget to live of, and in turn a ton of time to live (and play games, although it’s far less than I’d have imagined I’d be playing with so much free time) and not be working.