Metroid Dread Tops Amazon’s “Best Sellers” Chart – Nintendo Life

E3 might have labelled the “most anticipated” title of the show this year, but Metroid Dread would like a word.

Since its reveal at Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct, Samus’ next adventure has become one of the best-selling games – with fans rushing to secure a standard copy, the special edition and the two-in-one amiibo pack.

On Amazon, in particular, pre-sales of this upcoming release have done incredibly well. At the time of writing, it’s the best-selling video game on the website in both the US (and the UK):

It’s also in Amazon’s top ten video game “best sellers” list in many other locations around the world:

It’s an incredibly promising start for what was one of the biggest surprise reveals of E3 this year. Perhaps the success of the Nintendo Switch can even take the Metroid series to new heights – a bit like it has with a few other Nintendo IPs.

If you haven’t already purchased a copy of Metroid Dread, be sure to check out our Nintendo Life pre-order guide. Have you played a part in the next Metroid game becoming a best seller on Amazon? Leave a comment down below.

@NymosI i’m still going through the first level, I’m playing through it pretty slowly as i’m playing other games at the moment, it says it has a learning curve but I have yet to see were it comes from.

Surprisingly Backtracking is not all that boring, I find it pretty fun, Finding were to go next is really what this game is about for me, I mean every area has one or two other rooms were you might need to get a new power up some place in the area, There’s also alot of places to save, Oh the backgrounds Its just amazing for a game this old.

But on the stuff I don’t like so much, It would have to be the Control’s, for the most part samus play’s amazingly, but alot of the time I will overshoot a jump just bc Samus Jumps to high or far.

The story is also pretty tight, I’m going to have to follow a bit better, but so far, the lore looks lit.

the game is also not to hard, or to easy, just the right amount of ammo and heath.

So thats just my thoughts from playing the first level, and if I can get all that from the first level, I know i’m for a ride, and retro games are not really my favorite at all, but man metroid is a whole other beast.