Mario Sports Game Rumored to Release Soon on Nintendo Switch


So far, we have only received one Mario Sports title on the Nintendo Switch. Usually, Nintendo likes to provide a plethora of sports titles on their successful hardware. A new game might be coming soon according to a notable Nintendo leaker.

Zippo, a leaker who has already dropped some leaks in the past for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, has stated that a new Mario sports title is pretty far along in development at Camelot. The supposed game would release in the first half of 2021 and wouldn’t be a sports collection like we saw with Mario Sports Superstars for the 3DS. This title would be focused on one sport.

The Mario Sports series has always been more widely known for its Golf and Tennis games. Since we have already gotten a tennis title in Mario Tennis Aces (which was fantastic), Zippo noted that a new Mario Golf game would be the safer assumption.

Segun Zippo un nuevo juego Mario Sports desarrollado por Camelot Studios estaria planeado para la primera mitad de 2021.

Tendra varios de los juegos de la primera parte de Wii, no sabe exactamente cuales, pero asegura que tendra el Golf.

— Fabi-10-12 • Simple Informer (@Simple_Informer) November 25, 2020

The rumors don’t stop there though. Zippo also goes on to state that Golden Sun is making a return. However, it won’t be anytime soon.

It should be noted that everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. Not only because it’s from a leaker, but also because Nintendo has not commented on the rumor or announced anything. Sources like these may have been correct in the past, but there are plenty of times that they have been wrong too. It’s just that everyone remembers that one time they were correct.

Though, a new Mario Golf title wouldn’t be anything too crazy for Nintendo to put out on the Switch. The series has been a staple for Nintendo and has always reviewed very well. Plus, this would be the first Mario Golf title to come to a home console since the great Toadstool Tour on the Gamecube.

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