Limited Run Reveals Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 Physical Release, 10 Classics On One Switch Cartridge – Nintendo Life

Interested in the basic physical but it seriously offends me that LRG’s standard model for special editions of these retro games is “One Game, Four Boxes”.

A faux NG Pocket box? Hmm, way less useful since I don’t have a preexisting NG Pocket collection. Where do I even put this? Well, still cool, I guess, and those ten guys who have huge NGP collections (and are still alive, AND gaming) will love this.

Wait, there’s also a standard Switch box? WTF for? Who out there is saying yeah, I love steelbooks, but Imma be real mad if I don’t also get the bog-standard plastic box with my steelbook?

But wait, there’s more! Because obviously all this precious plastic and cardboard and metal has to be encased in something, right? Plastic and metal aren’t nearly strong enough to endure the hazards of cross-country shipping, so we need to protect it all with – yes, you guessed it – ANOTHER BOX!!

The worst part is, I suspect this all ships in yet another box made out of standard brown cardboard, to protect the pretty outer box that only really exists to protect the interior boxes.

@JasmineDragon : I get your point, hence why I generally avoid the collector’s editions unless they include something worthwhile (as opposed to space-hogging tat that one will only ever gaze upon once or twice).

With that said though, I was quite annoyed that the Smash Ultimate limited edition didn’t include a standard case in the box (considering that every other Nintendo-published collector’s edition I have ever bought included the standard case as well).

LRG’s collector’s editions tend to be far too excessive though. I think the Streets of Rage IV box was four bloody boxes in one.

@Whitestrider : As much as it pains me to say, I so would too. ? Hell, I bought LRG’s Shantae release, and that’s a glorified GBC port on a cartridge. I also bought Collection of Mana for the Game Boy game (I’m not terribly interested in the SNES sequels or current gen remakes).

@Paraka : It’s bad enough that we missed out on the Kirby collection for the Wii in Australia and Europe. I’m also surprised that it’s been a fairly long while now since the last main Kirby instalment.