Koei Tecmo’s Guzzler Joins Hamster’s Arcade Archives Range On Switch Today – Nintendo Life

This week’s Arcade Archives eShop release is none other than Guzzler, an action game originally released by Koei Tecmo.

Of course, this first launched back when Tecmo was known as Tehkan, and appeared in arcades in 1983. The game has players taking control of Guzzler “the merry firefighter” as they attempt to put out raging fires.

We’ve got a few screenshots of the game for you below; the fires constantly spawn enemies, so you’ll need to make quick decisions and act fast to succeed.

As always, this Arcade Archives release is launching for $7.99; you can grab it from the Switch eShop today and play either alone, or with a friend in multiplayer.

Have you heard of this one before? Tempted to give it a go? Tell us in the usual place.

I may be vibing this through nostalgia, but I remember having fun with this in the arcade. It’s difficult to tell someone what value should be placed on something they’ve worked on/produced, but I really feel like these releases should be priced based on the game and not just blanket pricing.

$8.00 seems a bit steep for this, but then again I have no idea what their licensing, logistic and development costs are. Maybe digging up something this old and relatively unknown took some doing. $5.00 seems more reasonable, but obviously that’s just from a consumer perspective and we all like a good deal.

Then again, I guess you could say I’m part of the problem, as I may still pick it up at this price!

Lately I wish they were as well-connected with Western arcade game companies and we could get Midway games like Defender, Rampage, or Smash TV, or Q-Bert from Gottlieb.
If Hamster can’t pull that off, it’d be nice if some Western company could emulate them and find a way to make it happen.

@Teksetter All those games would be day one purchases for me too

And I don’t think they’re impossible to come, but it’s true that Hamster seems to get the licenses from the same 3-4 companies (yet there have been some surprising ones, like Konami), and that they’ve mostly released the best games they had.

Anyway, there’s still some room to surprise us. And some games like Bubble Bobble should come any time, given that they’re already on PS4.

Let’s be patient, all the promised games will eventually come, it’s just they sometimes release some games that they hadn’t announced, maybe for rating approvals or something.

@Tandy555 I know, and I can understand it, because I always switch regions to get the lowest possible price.

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