Japan’s Super Nintendo World Gets A Taste Of Super Mario-themed Food And Restaurants

Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan is coming along very nicely, with its area map, merchandise list, and cafe menu revealed in light of its official opening on 4 February 2021. As fans continue to ride on the hype, an additional sneak peek of the theme park’s food items and restaurants has surfaced – in great Super Mario style, to boot.

First on the list is Kinopio’s Cafe, which is modelled after the Toad House in the franchise. Visitors will be able to choose their pick from four themed dishes: the Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger, Super Mario Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce, Piranha Plant Caprese, and ‘?’ Block Tiramisu that each feature an iconic element from the title. The Mario Bacon Cheeseburger, for instance, is put together with a pick in the shape of Mario’s hat to ensure that its fillings – a bacon slice, pecorino cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, and a beef patty – won’t fall apart.

The Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce, meanwhile, is served with a crispy pizza crust resembling a mushroom. The bowl itself consists of tomato sauce filled with bacon and mushrooms, and should be a good pick for fungi lovers (or fun guys, if you’d prefer).

Much like its soupy counterpart, the Piranha Plant Caprese is pretty self-explanatory. Themed after the Piranha Plant, the salad arranges tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil in the shape of the carnivorous enemy.

Rounding off the list is the ‘?’ Block Tiramisu dessert that takes after the question mark blocks in thegames. It comes topped with a mushroom-patterned chocolate piece and according to Super Nintendo World, hides a cute item within. Nothing like a little bit of RNG to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Where the cafe offers full-sized meals, Yoshi’s Snack Island houses finger food and on-the-go snacks. The Green Shell Calzone Filled With Yakisoba and Cheese would appeal to the savoury or curious palettes, while Yoshi’s Lassi seeks to quench one’s thirst with two flavours: rockmelon or cantaloupe, and mango.

The final name on the list, Mario Cafe & Store, has yet to showcase its menu, though the attraction has stated that a huge line-up of food and merchandise featuring Super Mario-themed colours and designs will be laying in wait.

Kinopio’s Cafe was first unveiled back on a Nintendo Direct held on 24 December last year, but the other two eating spots are newer reveals. As with most themed dishes, all of the food items look pleasant to the eye and are extremely Instagram-worthy, so hopefully the taste will measure up to the aesthetics.

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