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Nintendo isn’t exactly known for providing and online gaming experience and Japan has never been into PC gaming – there’s tons of articles online exploring why PC gaming has never been popular in Japan but to cut a long story short, it’s because PC’s take up too much space.

So… with Sony out of the picture, Microsoft never in the picture and Nintendo’s online service being a laughing stock. I don’t see the situation changing.

I’ll laugh at you for being a shill.

@Razer Just because the way multiplayer works is different, doesn’t mean it’s not a decent multiplayer game. It was originally created to be multiplayer since the very first one, village quests solo mostly are considered ‘practice’ for most players of the game as the real meat is in the multiplayer as monsters scale in difficulty and while there’s no pvp it doesn’t mean you can’t mess with other players (though probably don’t try running off with the mounted monster in a game of keep away when playing with randoms.)

The games have always had some of the best online experiences as the community is generally fantastic, something that can’t be said for some pvp games. Just because westerners prefer playing solo doesn’t mean that’s where the fun of the game lies. You get more rewards playing online and now you can even get rewards helping players out. The game is not a MMO or RPG, it’s a hack and slash in it’s purest form with very deep nuances in its mechanics that many games in the genere lack. Just because it’s not set up how other western multiplayer games are doesn’t mean it’s BAD. Seriously MHOnline ( https://monsterhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Monster_Hunter_Online) was HUGE in China and Frontier was in Japan ( https://monsterhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Monster_Hunter_Frontier) Frontier being the first massively online version of the game and it was on PC, later 360. It ran for many years too, only recently having servers shut before the launch of MHW. You can check out SuperRad ( https://youtu.be/G2WsiC0p_Aw) if you want more history on it, he goes into incredible detail from the base release all the way to the last with Zenith. It never came to the west and is the most badly understood version of the series.

And of course your forgetting about Final Fantasy …the online one is huge in Japan and still going strong despite a complete restart to overhaul mistakes! It wouldn’t have got that if the player base wasn’t massive.

Edit: Oh, and I forgot Phantasy star online…which btw has fan servers still running the game because how loved it was at the time!

Not all good MMOs do well in the west. The fantastic Warhammer online (seriously has the best depiction of Warhammer fantasy orcs EVER, they where so characterful and just magnificent…much better than WoW at the time) didn’t last long at all and it was flipping brilliant. Things just happen and not everyone wants to play the same games we’re obsessed with here in the West. Just because it popular in one country doesn’t mean a different one hasn’t forfilled that same niche over somewhere else. Japan gets alot of games we in the west don’t and vice versa, meaning there could be an equivalent doing gang busters over there we’ve never heard of.