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A few weeks back we shared an article that highlighted intriguing eShop games that had caught our eye. The criteria was pretty simple; they had to be games that we’d missed in some form or not received as much coverage as they perhaps deserved. Let’s do that again, shall we?

As a reminder this isn’t any kind of definitive recommendation list, and it won’t include the many games we cover as normal Switch eShop news unless we feel any deserve an extra bit of attention. This should be thought of rather like a box of curios – easy to miss, but potentially full of interesting finds.

We missed our schedule last week because of the fun of Indie World, so this entry will look at some less known titles of interest due out on 22nd April, along with any games from the past two weeks that we think merit another look.

As always, be sure to let us know what you think and how you want us to pick ‘hidden’ gems in the comments!

Without further ado, the games…

Here are a handful of imminent Switch eShop releases that caught our attention for one reason or another:

Bamerang (Lululu Entertainment, $6.99USD / £5.99 – 22nd April)

Presumably it wasn’t legally wise to simply call this ‘Boomerang’, and it looks like a game concept and setting that arose from a fever dream.

All the more reason to be charmed, with this being a no-nonsense local multiplayer game in which you try to hit each other with boomerangs. Simple concept, and perhaps simple fun.

Devil Slayer Raksasi (indienova, $14.99USD / £13.49 – 22nd April)

This has been around a little while on Steam as an early access title, and has been quite well received. That said, we’re always a teeny bit cautious about a game that’s early access on PC getting a full Switch release, but hopefully it’ll stack up from a technical perspective.

In any case this is a top-down hack and slash title, that follows the ever-present trend of utilising procedurally generated dungeons with roguelike elements. Yes, you’ve heard all that before, but it’s got an interesting style and could be worth a look for fans of the genre.

Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia (RedDeerGames, $12.99USD / £11.69 – 23rd April)

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We love the idea of this, a game in which a parent and child (for example) can explore, discover and learn about animals and plants.

Picked up by RedDeerGames for its localisation and release on consoles, this is a game with some beautiful visuals and over 160 species of animals and plants to discover. It includes support for 18 languages, and as education software it looks to be immensely charming.

Honorable Mentions – Switch eShop Games Out Now

Gravity Heroes (PQube, $14.99USD / £12.99)

A good example of the sort of game we want to ‘catch’ in this series of articles, this is an action-shooter that is a throwback to genre classics while still trying something different.

In the single player campaign you run and gun while manipulating a gravity mechanic, while there’s multiplayer for co-op or versus, depending on the moods of you and your buddies. Throw in some really nice visuals and this is certainly worth a closer look.

Luckslinger (2Awesome Studio, $9.99USD)

This is a word-of-mouth entry, as a couple of members of our team have been enjoying the hardcore challenge of this one.

It adopts the basic retro style often seen in the eShop, but that does seem to suit the vibe of the gameplay. Riffing on spaghetti Westerns and with ‘dark gritty humour’, this does seem to be the sort of game to draw a laugh as well as difficulty-related curses. And you’re accompanied by a duck at all times, so what’s not to love?

Toree 3D (Diplodocus Games, $0.99USD / £0.89)

We actually reviewed this one and gave it a very strong 8/10, which reinforced all of the positive buzz we’d seen online and within our own team. It’s a quirky “bite-sized 3D platformer’, but has awesome music and is just fun.

In a time when the eShop is often full of games artificially priced and then routinely slashed by 90-95% in price, often with questionable quality on offer, it’s nice to see a game that is super cheap, short and utterly charming. A fun way to spend a buck.

Relicta (Mighty Polygon, $19.99USD / £15.99)

Not exactly an underdog story as it’s published by Koch Media, but worth highlighting here as our own Jon Cartwright actually played this one a bit and rather enjoyed it in the video above.

It blends first-person physics-based puzzle solving with an intriguing story, and more importantly it’s a solid port on Switch.

That wraps up this little summary of games we may have missed or felt deserved a little extra attention; if any particularly obvious ones of the past two weeks are missing it may be because we are actually still planning to review them. Let us know if any of these grabbed your attention.