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Here I make a video explaining the question / questions I constantly get: How to / how do I cashout / cash out / money transfer casino games that are on Google Play / Android & iOS / App Store? And can I earn money from these games? Do these games give me real money if I win? I hit a jackpot how do I get the money that I won? For instance games like Cashman Casino, Heart Of Vegas, DoubleU Casino, Cash Frenzy Casino, Lucky Cash Slots, Billionaire Casino, Quick Hit Slots, DoubleWin / Double Win, Lightning Link, Dafu Casino, Lotsa Slots, etc etc a lot of them have las vegas slots / slot / machine / machines etc in the title.

In this video (along with most videos I make on games like this) I explain that none of these games will allow you to win any real money and you can’t “cash out” if you hit a jackpot. These games are just for fun and if you put money in to them you will not get any money back. If you check any of these games google play store description all of them should state that this game is not real money gambling, practice on our slots will not help you to win in the casino and etc. There are real money online casinos out there, but I don’t think any of them are legal in most united states / the US / North America, but I may be wrong at least somewhat on this? Either way as far as I know there isn’t any slots that will allow you to win any real money except for games like Lucky Cash Casino which allows you to play tournaments and win $10 for being in the top 5. There are also some out there that do give you real vegas rewards for playing like MyVegas Slots (which I forgot to mention in the video and just thought of it as I am typing all of this). Anyways, sorry, but these games are meant to be fun, make sure not to spend any money on these games unless you realize it is just an in game perk that allows you to play longer, but you won’t be able to get any of the money back. My suggestion is to play multiple slot games like this and claim the daily bonus and just play each one until you run out of coins unless you really want to spend a few dollars and can afford it to allow you to play a bit longer and be able to level up etc. I myself spend a little bit on these games occasionally, but only when there is a good deal going on on the game and I for sure can afford it or it will help make a video that you guys will enjoy and hopefully I will make the money back by making a video on it.

Anyways, hope this video helped some of you guys out and hopefully it will lead to a few less comments asking, not that I mind though as the more comments the better, but hope it will help you understand how these games work.

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