Hitman 3 – Cloud Version Now Includes 60FPS Performance Mode On Switch – Nintendo Life

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Though the Switch doesn’t have the raw power for some multi-platform games, a couple of titles have taken the opportunity to release streaming editions, including Hitman 3 – Cloud Version; it’s actually not bad on the system, assuming you have a solid internet connection.

Pleasingly the Switch cloud version (along with Stadia) seems to be getting kept up to date, which is to be expected but is nevertheless a relief. Today’s big update kicks off Season of Pride, which will be adding a bunch of contracts and content through to 13th June.

Most importantly, though, the Switch version has some special upgrades of its own. Most notable is a Performance Mode, so you’ll be able to toggle your streamed gameplay from the standard 1080p/30fps to the new 720p/60fps option if you so desire; it’s nice to have the option of smoother play at a lower resolution, if that’s your preference.

Below are the Switch-specific patch notes which, because of the nature of cloud gaming, is live now with no download needed.

Performance Mode
We’ve added a toggle to enable Performance Mode at 720p/60fps over the default option of 1080p/30fps.

Precision Fire
We’ve added the Steady Aim feature to the L button on Nintendo Switch. This allows you to improve your aim and slow time when aiming with a Sniper Rifle with the Marksman perk, especially useful for the Sniper Assassin game mode and certain Mission Stories. The in-game UI and controller maps will display this accurately.

Helpful note: It’s possible to toggle whether you hold or tap ZL in order to aim a weapon. Look for the Toggle Aim option in Options>Gameplay>Weapon Aim. Note that this won’t affect 47’s ‘aiming’ when throwing; this will still require the play to hold the button to move 47’s throwing arc.

As for the Season of Pride content, the trailer below shows that off.

@Kalmaro The only place you could play is somewhere with a good internet connection. So mostly just at home. I think there’s some cars with internet, but not many. You would have to specifically pay extra to have a hotspot from your phone.

But not playing everywhere isn’t even the only problem! Why on earth would someone play the third game in the series without playing the first few first? If they’re trying to attract a crowd of switch players, wouldn’t it make sense to put the first two on switch first? I played the first one, and it seems like the story is continued on through the next two.

As for putting in the effort, well yeah, I think they should’ve! Yes it takes more money than cloud, but then it actually works for the switch. Apparently Crash 4 did an excellent job porting with the hardware in mind, which is good to hear. In my opinion, if your gonna do something, you should at least do it good.

Having all of these problems at once makes it a strange thing to put on switch. If they would at least put the first two I could forgive them more. But if they don’t, well I don’t really understand why they it’s on here.