Here’s What A Nintendo Switch With A Larger 7-Inch Screen Could Look Like

Nintendo Switch Pro

This morning’s report of a new Nintendo Switch model with a 7-Inch OLED display and 4K output through the dock got me thinking about what a new model could look like.

Looking at the current Switch design, there’s a lot of room for a larger screen. I’ve never noticed how big the bezel is around the Switch display, but I’d bet that if Nintendo were going for a 7-inch display over the current 6.2-inch display on the Switch, they’d opt to try and keep formfactor the same to ensure that Joy-Cons were compatible across the entire range.

Nintendo Switch Pro
Current Nintendo Switch Design With A 7-Inch Display

We mocked it up based on the fact that the screen would be roughly 12% bigger than what’s currently on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what it would look like if Nintendo kept a similar formfactor and just scaled the screen up.

I have to say, it looks like this is the way that the Switch was meant to be. The screen looks to be much better proportioned than the original, with a much slimmer bezel around the outside. It’s hard to imagine Nintendo creating a bigger Switch than what we already have, but anything is possible at this point.

Original Nintendo Switch Design
Original Nintendo Switch Design

It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out over the coming months. Nintendo last said that they were “Not planning to make an annoucement anytime soon as we have Mario ver in Feb, MH ver in Mar.” but it’s very clear that they wouldn’t announce anything too soon, as the Switch is still selling well and they wouldn’t want to put a halt on that.

Imran Khan (formerly of Game Informer) has suggested that developers already have dev kits for a more powerful Nintendo Switch Pro which adds fuel to the fire.

It’s funny, I was talking to some people today who were like “There’s enough people with dev kits that leaks should happen any day now.”

Guess it didn’t even take that long.

— Imran Khan (@imranzomg) March 4, 2021

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