Here’s How Nintendo Is Improving Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Over The Wii Original – Nintendo Life

@gaga64 I’m mostly the same but I appreciate anything that increases the accessibility.

I didn’t do much need Fi to talk less purely because she was spoiling anything but because her dialog wasn’t funny or interesting. They need to talk to the folks at Lucas film about how to make droids endearing. Just saying obvious stuff in a monotone voice isn’t it.

The item description thing felt like a bug, honestly. We’ve been picking up stuff off the ground in Zelda since the first game, I’m unsure why this needed so much. I suppose one way to look at it is that technically Zelda always does the item description thing for non-consumable non-weapon items. If you catch some bugs in a bottle in Ocarina or pick up a Gold Skulltula they’re going to tell you about it every time. But Skyward has the second largest set of such items in the series after breath of the wild and they’re almost as frequent. So I could give them the benefit of the doubt and say they just didn’t appreciate that they needed to change it. And I collected EVERYTHING in this gave. Every goddess cube, every equipment upgrade, every side quest, at least 70 hours. So, the item descriptions are something I appreciate.

Be it Zelda or Final Fantasy or whatever, any games that write out text to stimulate talking need to do that stuff faster. I read very fast. In any Zelda game I be mashing B to just force the text to complete, sometimes accidentally canceling. I appreciate that.

I wouldn’t want to skip any cutscenes. I live for them. StarCraft, Diablo, Bayonetta, cut scenes are my reward for game play segments. But I also very rarely replay any games. For the speed runner community alone and any replays, I appreciate the feature. I reload save files a lot and FFX got me ready to scream.

In short, I loved it before, I think all this makes it better, I’m grateful for the polish.