Here’s All The Australian Times For Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Australia

Nintendo announced overnight that we’d be getting a 50 minute Nintendo Direct. You would have been seeing all kinds of times on your feeds from US and European locations, so we wanted to make sure you had all the Australian times. If you can’t watch for whatever reason, we’ll be covering it live and have a nice big wrap up at the end as well.


Thankfully, the Direct is happening at a time that works well for Australia. It’s happening tomorrow morning (Thursday) at the below times.

  • AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney) – 9am Thursday
  • ACDT (Adelaide) – 8:30am Thursday
  • AEST (Brisbane) – 8:00am Thursday
  • ACST (Darwin) – 7:30am Thursday
  • AWST (Perth) – 6:00am Thursday


As always, you can watch on Nintendo’s YouTube channel right HERE. We’ve also embedded the video below so you can come back here to watch if you please.


With this being the first major Nintendo Direct since September 2019, it’s hard to know what to expect. It’s no secret that Nintendo had challenges getting games out the door last year, and nobody knows if there were games that were planned to release that didn’t quite make it out the door.

We know that we’re getting some kind of Super Smash Bros announcement (most likely a character) and the other safe bets are around anniversaries. Just like last year was a big year for Mario, this year brings up major anniversaries for Zelda (in a few weeks), Metroid as well as Pokemon.

Zelda would be the likely one that we see as it’s super close. Metroid comes later in the year, and as this is focusing on First half 2021 games, I don’t know if we’ll see any kind of Metroid Prime Collection just yet, and Pokemon will most likely be saved for a Pokemon Company style Direct later this month.

Outside of that, we can expect a bunch of third party announcements and who knows what else Nintendo could bring.

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