Here We Go: MAFS’ Brent & Daniel Are Going To Fight Out Their Differences With A Boxing Match

Apparently Married At First Sight‘s Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes don’t like each other and are going to fight it out – literally. I don’t even know with this reality TV crew anymore. Sure. Do what you’ve got to do.

Let’s take a step back. I can’t remember one person that liked Daniel on MAFS aside from his now-partner Carolina, but other than his clear beef with Mitch Eynaud and Dion, I didn’t think he had any other serious rivalries. But apparently there’s some serious bad blood between Brent and Daniel.

“I can’t stand him for the person he is, top to bottom, inside and out,” Brent told Good Bitch podcast after filming wrapped, but it wasn’t so obvious on the show.

“I’m going to fight Daniel. The one who was on the season with us, the one with the Bali teeth,” Brent declared on an Instagram live.

“I’ve heard all the stuff he’s saying about me, I couldn’t care less,” Brent continued, referring to the trash Daniel has been talking about him on Instagram Stories, before looking to Al Perkins who is in the back of the video.

“Ask this guy how many times a day I train anyway so I’m ready.”

Daniel then posted a clearly photoshopped image of him towering over Brent in a boxing ring with the caption “October 15th”.

A post shared by Daniel Holmes (@_danielholmes_)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he’s making a dig at Brent’s height and that Daniel thinks he’s got this one in the bag. If this is all a bit confusing to you then don’t worry because SAME. I gave Brent a call to figure out what the fuck is going on. He told me that these things happened to get to this point:

  • There was talk of Daniel and Mitch fighting during filming.
  • Daniel revealed on Instagram that he was looking for a fight opponent.
  • Mitch then suggested he be the opponent.
  • Brent also suggested he be the opponent, asking his followers to flood Daniel’s page to get him on board.

And here we are.

“I’m happy to jump in the ring with him,” Brent told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “I’m a professional. I won’t be talking smack or playing online games. I’m a grown man. We talk in the ring.”


Meanwhile Daniel told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he and Brent “never got on.”

“Even on the show, there was a lot of hate coming my way because of the cheating (or what they considered cheating),” he said.

“So none of the guys liked me.

“But Brent for some reason just really went after me, saying a bunch of nasty stuff and it continued after the show! He’s made live videos asking his audience for dirt on me, just really running my name through the dirt. So I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to sort it out!”

The pair will be heading into the ring with Team Ellis Boxing Promotions on October 15 with more details expected to be announced soon.

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