GungHo Doesn’t Necessarily Want To “Restrict” Ninjala To Switch Forever – Nintendo Life

Something that confuses me in the article is the fact that Gung-Ho said that Ninjala has “a lot of drive from Nintendo”, when I feel that Nintendo is supporting Knockout City more currently, than they were of Ninjala a year ago, unless I’m missing something, that is.

I do hope that Ninjala eventually gets released on other platforms, as I feel that it would definitely rise in popularity if that happened. I hope that Ninjala becomes as popular as Splatoon, although not as popular as Fortnite or Among Us, because quite a lot of people would start to hate on it.

THANK YOU for writing this article, I really appreciate it. I hope you guys continue to write Ninjala articles for the foreseeable future.

I just have one small request, when you guys write Ninjala articles in the future, could you guys please add the Ninjala tag to each article? I’ve noticed that the Ninjala tag is hit and miss on the articles, and I think it might give it a bit more exposure (and comments) to Ninjala articles on here if you guys added the Ninjala tag more consistently, if that makes sense. If you guys, aren’t able to, it’s fine, I just think it would boost the Ninjala articles a bit.

If Ninjala ever has a multi-platform release, and it got cross-play, I don’t think the Switch version would get behind, as it already runs on Unreal Engine 4 @60fps, and I believe the resolution is between 720p to 1080p, which has never really been done on Switch before with UE4 AFAIK, especially with a game that has such an online focus.

I think it’s because Splatoon would (most likely) be a harder game to replicate than Smash, as Splatoon is “Full 3D” while Smash is 2.5D, it’s also probably because Splatoon is majority online-focused, while Smash has quite a few offline modes, while having online as an option, and I feel like more people would be hesitant with a Splatoon clone than a Smash clone, for some reason. I hope I’m making (at least) some sense.

Also, do you play Ninjala by any chance? ?

@Clarice, @Ganner
I also found that part confusing as well, but maybe Nintendo’s giving more support behind the scenes than publicly, for some odd reason.

Also, do you guys play Ninjala by any chance? ?

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