Going Under’s Free DLC Update Lets You “Work From Home” – Nintendo Life

Going Under was a fun debut by developers Aggro Crab Games. Published by Team17 back in September, it mixed rogue-lite dungeon crawling with corporate satire pretty well, offering a strong sense of humour. Considering the ongoing pandemic, we were amused to learn that Aggro Crab is now launching the appropriately-themed “Working From Home” update, releasing for free on February 25th.

Set within Neo-Cascadia, you play as Jackie, an unpaid intern working for Fizzle. You fight your way through various dungeons – which comprise of failed start-up companies – and this update proves that not even fictional offices are safe from Covid-19, as it takes us to Jackie’s home.

It includes two new gameplay modes, brand new supplies and costumes. You can also imprison enemies within a business card, which we’re pretty sure is some manner of war crime. Aggro Crab have fully outlined these new features below:

New Locations and outfits: Players wanting to take a break from Fizzle’s carefully curated cubicles can chill in Jackie’s room to kick back, relax, and change into one of 11 new outfits available

Overtime Mode: Overtime takes the existing dungeons and adds a little bit of spice; with seven new levels of difficulty, including spawning enemies in unexpected places and doubling damage received, work-life balance will be a thing of the past

Imposter Mode: Players take on all three core dungeons in a random order and once completed, their efforts will be rewarded with a brand-new boss – The Imposter – to take down

Surplus Supplies: The office supply cupboards are stocked and overflowing with new gadgets, including 25 new abilities, 9 new curses, 34 new in-game items, and a shiny new app

Rolodex: Killing an enemy with one of the blank business cards found throughout the levels will trap its soul for eternity and makes for a rather nice keepsake.

Whilst we enjoyed Going Under – giving it 7/10 stars – it was a little light on content, so this Working From Home update makes for a welcome addition. Though the trailer specifies that it’s launching today, we should clarify that’s for PC players only. Console owners will need to wait until next month, but we’re looking forward to it.

Did you enjoy Going Under before? Plan on diving into this new update? Let us know down below.