Get a Closer Look at Super Nintendo World Construction

Super Nintendo World construction is moving very quickly at Universal Studios Hollywood. Now that the lower lot has been opened for Guests visiting the Taste of Universal event we can see the construction on Super Nintendo World up close!

super nintnedo world
Credit: Universal

Right now Universal is holding a special limited-time event called, Taste of Universal, at Universal Studios Hollywood. This event is ahead of the official reopening of Universal Studios Hollywood which will be April 16.

As the event progresses week by week, Universal has slowly started to reopen more and more food options for Guests visiting Taste of Universal. While the event initially started on the upper lot of the theme park only, it now offers Guests the opportunity to visit and enjoy foods from the lower lot.

And now that Guests can visit the lower lot we are seeing more and more photos of the Super Nintendo World construction site which resides on the lower lot. During our previous visit to Taste of Universal, we got some great photos of the Super Nintendo World Construction.

Super Nintendo World
Credit: Bailee A. Inside the Magic

But now we are happy to see the photos of what will soon be the entrance to the new land.

Thanks to a great video from Paul, at Pauls Theme Park Adventures on Youtube we get a great look at the entrance of Super Nintendo World.

Super Nintendo World
Credit: Pauls Theme Park Adventures on Youtube

You can watch Pauls Theme Park Adventures full video below:

We cannot wait to see Super Nintendo World once it opens to Guests. Universal has not announced an opening date for Super Nintendo World at Universal Hollywood, and while it is clear from photos and videos that there is a long way to go – construction is moving quickly!

Hopefully, we will get more information on Universal’s Super Nintendo World in the near future.  Until then, we will continue to share milestones in the construction progress.

Are you excited about Super Nintendo World coming to Universal Studios Hollywood? Let us know in the comments.

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