Forget about PS5 restocks — why I’m waiting for Nintendo Switch Pro | Tom’s Guide

Ever since the PS5 went on sale last year, gamers have been scrambling to get hold of the new console. But it’s been difficult, nigh impossible, to find where to buy PS5. Supply is low, demand is high and scalpers are ruining everything for everyone.

Frankly, I have no time for all that. Not just because of the effort involved, but because I am far more interested in a different console that’s just over the horizon. Word is that a 4K, OLED-toting Nintendo Switch Pro could arrive before the end of the year, and that is something I can really get excited about.

It’s impossible not to love my Switch

My consoles have been neglected a lot over the past few years, mainly because adult life has left me without the time or energy to play very often. There have been countless times where I picked up a game only to forget what was going on and what I was supposed to be doing. 

I’ve had to restart the 2016 Doom reboot four times over the years, because I turn on my PS4 and find myself completely lost. Just like . Thankfully, I’ve never made it past the first few levels, so very little of consequence is lost.

It’s a totally different story on the Switch. I may not have enough time to play the Switch as much as I’d like, but the nature of the console makes it much easier to pick it up at sporadic intervals. In fact, my Switch hasn’t been plugged into its dock for almost two years.

It doesn’t matter where I am. I’ve played the Switch on the sofa while my girlfriend is watching TV, in bed when I can’t be bothered moving all day, even on a long-distance flight across the Atlantic. You know, back in the days where traveling between continents was actually possible.

It’s now at the point where I’ve held off buying several games because of mere rumors that they might turn up on Switch at some point. The latest example is Crash Bandicoot 4. I’d love to play it, and while I could pay up to $60 for a console version and play it today, I’d rather be patient and have the freedom of playing on Switch. Plus, it’s out next week, so I don’t have long to wait.

Can you imagine what Breath of the Wild would look like in 4K HDR?

The Switch Pro is a chance to fix the Switch’s problems

Nintendo has constantly denied that there are any plans for an upgraded Switch, but the rumors never let up. I’m not surprised to be honest, because the mere prospect of a better Switch gets me excited.

The console we have right now is fantastic, but it’s far from perfect. Its graphics are acceptable, but not the best, and the battery life is abysmal. There are also other issues like the flimsy kickstand, the constant risk of Joy-Con drift and the fact it doesn’t support wireless headphones without a third-party adapter. 

The Switch Pro may not fix all of those problems, but it would go a long way. After all, a more powerful Switch means it should be able to play bigger and more resource-hungry games. And not just games ported from other consoles. 

Can you imagine what Breath of the Wild would look like in 4K HDR? The game already looks incredible, but the Switch’s hardware can only go so far. It may even be enough to get me to plug my console into the TV. 

Just as long as it’s not Wii U 2.0

My only concern is the rumor that the actual handheld Switch Pro will only have a 720p screen. I seriously hope that’s bogus, or that there’s a better version available. Because it’s 2021, even cheap smartphones come with Full HD screens now. 

It’s been a long time since a Nintendo console was considered powerful compared to the competition, but sticking with 720p would be insulting.

Nonetheless. I’d much rather wait out for the Switch Pro than go through the trouble of trying to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Not that I really could if I wanted one, given everything that’s happening.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that the Switch Pro is going to have similar problems. The original Switch may be four years old, but it’s still popular enough that there were serious shortages throughout 2020. 

Just imagine how bad it’s going to be when the Switch Pro arrives. Especially considering how much scalping is going on with the new Limited Edition Zelda Joy-Cons.

But hey, I’m looking forward to it regardless. I love my Switch, and if I’m going to have to fight scalpers and bots for months to get my hands on any new console I’d much rather it be the Switch Pro than a PS5. And if I can wait for games to arrive on Switch, I can sure as hell wait for a new console, too.

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