Food Girls for Nintendo Switch – Preserve the traditions!


Food Girls

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Street Food Adventure

Wherever you are, food is an essential aspect of every culture, and the easiest form of culture to share with the others; Colombian’s Arepa, Philippine’s Banana cue, British Fish & Chips or Japanese Takoyaki, and many other tasteful dishes helped the global phenomenon known as Street Food.
Nowadays on TV, we can easily watch documentaries about the most renowned street food chefs and their activities; proud to cook & sell healthy and eth(n)ic foods in urban areas, these people revitalize old traditions in a more positive way. But it’s not only this, street food is also a precious tool to attract tourists in certain locations; in this way even the smallest restaurants can resist to cultural and economic hegemony of the big food companies!

Small is beautiful!

In recent years, a lot of “indie” food courts have proliferated at all latitudes; while at the very beginning they were dedicated to the hipster subculture, as years go by they turned themselves (thanks primarily to the word-of-mouth) into a mass phenomenon of global scale. In fact, even more people are looking for quality, rarity, locality, creativity, and simplicity; for example, here in Hong-Kong, any foodie can enjoy a lot of tasteful street food dishes at every street corner.

Their importance is not only economic but also cultural; they are social spaces where locals and foreigners can meet each other in an informal setting, sharing their memories, their ideas, or their experiences with each other. So what would happen if an evil megacorporation would eradicate a whole street food district any day now? We bet that thousands of people would be angry and that would start to cooperate extensively to save all these friendly small restaurants.
Very well, if even you are a street food fan (like us); get ready to do everything is needed to protect them with Food Girls for Nintendo Switch!

Never give up!

Food Girls is a very unique tasteful visual novel for the Nintendo Switch!
Different from the majority of them in which the objective is to love and be loved by one person; in this one, you must work hard to be loved by an entire community. How? The answer is simple, save within three months dozens of street food restaurants from disaster.

You are a consultant who has been hired to start some promotional activities that could attract people to eat in the street food district; it’s true that most of the restaurants are too old-fashioned. Lack of air conditioning, not so attractive storefronts, poor furniture, are the minus, but here the food taste’s is something sublime that must be known by as many people as possible. So, to save this sinking boat there’s nothing better than to ask the help of five gorgeous foodie gals that can promote their favorite foods in the most charming way.

Soooo tasty!

Coco for mango slushie; Madoka for bubble tea; Xiaolong for Xiaolongbao steamed bun; Lulu for minced pork rice; Hikari for fried chicken. These five superstars magically appeared to make the difference; talk with them, schedule their promotional activities, and create deep bonds between them, chefs, and customers.
If you work well, you will gain a lot of rewards for all your efforts; including English, Japanese & Chinese in-game texts, Food Girls for Nintendo Switch is a visual novel that everyone can taste, like a wonderful culinary specialty.

We are ready to delve into the vibrant traditions of street cuisine digitally and physically with Food Girls for Nintendo Switch; let’s create together the most successful food district of the twenty-first century, play it and see how authentic flavors explode onto the screen!

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