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Each monster also has weaknesses and resistances to specific weapon types, categorised into Slashing, Piercing, and Blunt. When you first encounter a monster you’ll have no idea which weapon is most effective, so you’ll have to get experimenting by swapping out your weapon, which you can do once per turn and thankfully doesn’t ‘use up’ your move for that turn.

@Ludovsky Base World excluding updates and tempered monster had 31 monsters.
Rise excluding updates and Apex has 34.

I like World more than Rise (disclaimer I like 4 Ultimate and Generations Ultimate more than any MH game) because the environments are bigger, but also because World did a lot of stuff better than the old games (mostly online, but also the maps and hunting for monsters).

(More about online experience at the bottom)

But also don’t forget this, base World had also much more quests (story, optional, investigations and events + specials) while Rise has less, I have no reason to grind for anything in Rise because of that (even older games did this better)

I could name more reasons but I don’t want to, this is enough and also the biggest reasons I like World more than Rise, I explained multiple times why but most people ignore that and say Rise is better, each to their own and I respect that.

But while I respect that others like Rise, and even while Rise is a fun game (it is), I like World more because Rise messed up some stuff World did better (online being the biggest one).

I like World more than Rise, but I like 4 Ultimate and Generations Ultimate even more, because while being more clunky and older than World, I do have plenty of reasons to like them many times more.

Even better I like World more than 3 Ultimate, but like 3U more than Rise, if I had to put all MH games in a list it would be something the following.

1. 4U/GU
2. Iceborne
3. World
4. 3rd Portable
5. 3U
6. Rise/Unite (never been a fan of Unite)
7. Freedom

Didn’t put some of them like Generations because I didn’t play them enough, or skipped them to the next game.

But no MH game is bad in my opinion, there is for me more like “this one is better than the other one, but they all have their charm”

And if any MH game got a ton of ciritque by me it would be World, GU had a ton of monsters and G rank, World kindly ignored that all so even while it did a lot well, I hated it at the start.

Iceborne made me like it much more, and the only reason I gave Rise the slack for making it’s mistakes was because I expected Capcom to make them, with World it wasn’t the case so I was harsher against it.

Every one has their opinion, and mine is that Capcom made to many mistakes with Rise, most of them the bad ones World made.

But many of the stuff World DID well they ignored, if that wasn’t the case I am sure Rise would end up in my list at least next to Iceborne, which says a lot because I like iceborne because it fixed mistakes World made.

And I expect a G-Rank/Master Rank DLC do the same for Rise, however I am less forgiving this time, because I don’t want Capcom to on purpose release a “meh” MH game because they fix it in a paid DLC.

They should go back with making the games good from start, and that is my biggest issue with World (that started it) and Rise.

Pretty much this, opinions will always differ but again for those that skipped to the bottom, I like Rise but not enough.

P.S. Rise is just as fun online with friends but not strangers. I like the whole online system World came with including their version of SOS Requests, those gave me by far the most play time in World.

I hope Capcom brings (maybe with that paid DLC I expect) the World style hubs and SOS Requests back, and I would love to see more optional, more event, more specials and investugation quests too, that as Rise is the very first MH game since Unite I spend less than 100 hours on and “put it back on shelf”

They can make it better, but I hope they learn from these mistakes and don’t repeat them for the 3rd time if there is a new main MH game again.

(sorry for my long and half sleepy comment, had a long day)