FIFA creator promises more single-player games in the future

FIFA maker, EA, has announced it will create more single-player games despite the success of its online franchises.

In a recent investors call, the company outlined the games coming in the company’s future, claiming that single-player games are a “really, really important part” of what EA will develop.

EA claims FIFA 23 will be the most expansive in the series.

As transcribed by Seeking Alpha, one investor questioned executives on their single-player strategy going forward.

The investor stated as part of his question on growth: “You’ve announced or we’ve speculated that there’s quite a few single-player games coming.”

A representative responded: “As we think about single-player games, we think it’s a really, really important part of the overall portfolio that we deliver in the fulfillment of those core motivations.

“We’ll plan for it over time. It is really just looking at our community and looking at how they’re spending their time and looking at where motivations may or may not be fulfilled [by current games].

“We’ll look to supplement that with the addition of new online games, new multiplayer games and new single-player games.”

This has come to a surprise to some fans as EA has previously held a tough stance on the superiority of multiplayer games.

The company’s Twitter account recently made a tweet which received backlash.

It was seen to look down on single-player games, which FTW speculated could have been a marketing ploy.

It has also seen record profits in a number of its online games.

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Career Mode has been improved and is coming back to FIFA 23

F1 22 reportedly far outweighed expectations and FIFA’s online services had its strongest quarter to date.

EA also announced that the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), one of FIFA’s popular online modes, has seen a 40% increase in profits year over year.

The company is extremely optimistic about the sales prospects of upcoming entry, FIFA 23.

It claims that the series is becoming increasingly successful all around the world.

One executive said: “We’re going to launch the most expansive FIFA ever this year. I think it’s extraordinary that demand is really strong.

“We will then continue to sell that in the market and we have the ability to continue to do that.”

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