Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water Jumps From Wii U To Switch And, Surprisingly, Other Platforms – Nintendo Life

Nintendo has announced that Koei Tecmo’s Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water is coming to Switch later this year.

The surprise announcement came as part of the company’s E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, and while we hoped to see the Fatal Frame series (known as Project Zero in Europe) return, a port of a game that launched on Wii U and relied on its second screen Gamepad functionality so heavily made it an unlikely candidate for a Switch port. Unlikely, but not impossible!

Happily for fans of the series who have been clamouring for its return, it’s being given a second chance to shine on Switch — and not only Switch. The original game was published by Nintendo on Wii U, but it seems the Koei Tecmo will be putting it out on PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series X|S and PC. It appears that Koei Tecmo has come to an ‘arrangement’ with Nintendo on this one.

A turn-up for the books, to be sure, but a welcome one for fans who missed out on this excellent Wii U entry in the survival horror series.

Here are some more details from the PR plus some screenshots from NOA’s game page:

In this horror adventure game, you’ll cast out ghosts using the Camera Obscura and explore the mysteries surrounding the ethereal but deadly Mt. Hikami. The spine-chilling story features various protagonists, letting you experience the game from different perspectives.

The title is an enhanced version of 2014’s Wii U release of the same name, which includes upgraded visuals to match the latest hardware advancements – offering an even more terrifying and immersive experience. Fans of this iconic series can not only play on their favourite gaming platform, but will also be able to enjoy an all-new Photo Mode, allowing them to set-up characters and ghosts in various scenes and adjust their poses in order to create the perfect spooky picture. In addition, there will be a selection of new costumes for the main protagonists, helping make every picture in your collection more unique.

There’s no solid date on the game announced, just a vague “later this year” at the moment.

Excited to see this game given a second life on Switch? Did you play the original? Let us know below.