TWO of the WORST AKUMATIZED VILLAINS come together to FINALLY complete MONARCH’s mission! What will happen when the EVIL AKUMATIZED version of CAT NOIR meets the EVIL AKUMATIZED version of LADYBUG!? Will they be ARCH NEMESIS or FALL IN LOVE? Find out in this episode of STARLIGHT SCHOOL OF MAGIC by BFF BESTIES! Let us know all your thoughts and theories in the comments!

In a new series MADE FOR TEENS, Laura Elizabeth Hall and Adam Ilami, formerly of The Super Pops as Cosmic Pop and Prospero on Totally TV play Ladybug, Descendants and other characters in these cosplay parody videos!! STARLIGHT SCHOOL OF MAGIC by BFF Besties has mystery, music and so much more! If you love Ladybug, Descendants and Harry Potter, you’ll love these videos!

This episode written by Sara Ingram, Laura Elizabeth Hall and Adam Ilami


Kate Ly Johnston as Ryuko
Scarlet Sheppard as Bunnix / Vesperia / Zoe


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