David Archuleta ~ Valentine Love Songs StageIt Show! Fabulous Merch Sale On The OS! Dear Nintendo…


Archies & Arch Angels… OUR WISH CAME TRUE!



Love Songs From Our Valentine♥

David mentioned that maybe he should sing more love songs, and we all chimed in AGREED! Now he’s gone and done it! An entire StageIt concert dedicated to Love Songs! There are so many songs that could be on that set list – we need 10 concerts to cover them! If you haven’t gotten your ticket, better be quick because we’re predicting another Sold Out StageIt show!

I’ll see you on Feb 13th @ 7pm CT for my first @StageIt show of the year: LOVE SONGS. Link in bio. pic.twitter.com/KaRUBT2LCK

— David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) January 30, 2021

David popped into his socials just long enough to announce the upcoming show, and it was just what the fandom needed to hear!

Tickets on sale now – just $15.00!

*Click here for tix*

StageIt shows require that you create an account and that you purchase “notes” in advance to buy your ticket, tip David before and during the show and to give hitchhikers a ride to the show. Each “note” equals 10¢ and you can purchase them using a credit card or via PayPal.

When you click on “Get Ticket” a small menu box will appear on the lower portion of your screen and you will have the option to purchase “notes” with a credit card or via PayPal. You will need to purchase at least 150 “notes” ($15.00) to purchase a ticket. Many fans purchase additional “notes” to tip David or to help fans attend the show via the Hitchhiker option.

It’s a good idea to buy as many “notes” as you think you’ll need in one purchase to avoid having to make multiple purchases. Your “notes” are all banked in your account and will show up at the top right of the screen, above the chat, when you log into your account. You can save your extra “notes” to use for future concerts!


Any Requests?

We asked fans if they had any requests/suggestions for the set list, and the responses started rolling in!

These ?? pic.twitter.com/QHaRrfNr6V

— Manders ? (@LangoneLady) January 31, 2021

Here’s a running list – feel free to tweet us with your choices!

  1. You Can x4
  2. My Heart Beats For You
  3. Someone To Love x2
  4. To Be With You x2
  5. My Kind of Perfect x7
  6. Crush
  7. Wonder (Shawn Mendes)
  8. Golden (Harry Stiles)
  9. Contigo en la Distancia x4
  10. Love Don’t Hate
  11. Other Things In Sight
  12. Stomping the Roses x2
  13. Leave (JOJO)
  14. Forevermore x2
  15. Love Like This (Ben Rector)
  16. Fighting For You x2
  17. A Love Song (Loggins & Messina)
  18. Parachutes and Airplanes
  19. Amor Prohibido
  20. When You Say You Love Me x2
  21. Longer (Dan Fogelberg – but the Papa FOD version that didn’t make it on Idol)

That last one is mine lol – ever since Idol I’ve wanted to hear the PapaFOD version of Longer that David never got to sing on Idol – it’s been a mystery for 12 years! Don’t get me wrong, the version David sang for Idol was beautiful, but I’m guessing the PapaFOD version would have been changed up, like Think of Me was – can you imagine?



Run don’t walk to the fabulous sale that’s happening in the merch shop on David’s OS. Lots of great items at amazing prices – even an awesome “bundle” of terrific limited edition items. It’s time to treat yourself!

https://t.co/Rw4gWarXuV pic.twitter.com/ybYvVtW9Cu

— Team Archie (@TeamArchie08) January 30, 2021

Here’s a sample of some of the sale items:

Hurry before things start selling out! To buy


Everybody needs some time away…

Including David! He dropped into his socials to let us know that he’s taking a social media break but that he’s working on music and some FUN THINGS which he’ll tell us about later!

I’m continuing a social media break for now but have some fun things coming the next month that the Archie Team will be announcing. Look forward to sharing more time and music with you!

— David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) January 26, 2021


Dear Nintendo…

If you’re looking for the PERFECT Brand Ambassador, we nominate David Archuleta! He would be perfect to voice a Nintendo character – especially one who sings! He’s been repping the brand for years, and he’s even got a new song and music video called SWITCH!

Just in case you need proof…


It’s been a semi-quiet week on the David front with the exceptions of a fabulous Merch sale and the announcement of a brand new StageIt show called Love Songs! I guess that’s pretty exciting for a slow week! ?

David is still on a social media break – probably writing new love songs and rehearsing for the show! And remember that there are more FUN THINGS on the way!

Sorry that our comment section is still wonky – Pastel is working on the technical side of the site to get things back up to speed! Stay tuned next week when Pastel brings you all the David breaking news!

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