Collection Of Mint Condition NES Games Fetches $30,000 For Goodwill – Nintendo Life

Pristine copies of classic games can always fetch a pretty penny – a copy of Super Mario 64 broke a world record recently, selling for an absolutely mindblowing $1.56 million USD – but when the money they can generate ends up going to a good cause, it all feels worth it.

As reported by WFMZ-TV, a Goodwill services representative named Nichole Garcia managed to use her knowledge of Nintendo games to host a record-breaking auction on the organisation’s website. Trained to pick out items that could sell well online, Garcia discovered a “brand new Nintendo system”, along with 27 NES games still in their original packaging.

The console ended up selling for $650, and after some consultation with her knowledgable brother-in-law, Garcia also auctioned off the games. With bidding starting at just $9.99, the auction eventually reached a final figure of $30,002.

Proceeds from the sale will support Goodwill’s initiatives; the nonprofit organisation uses its funding to provide job training, programs, and employment services for those struggling with disabilities or other barriers that prevent them from getting a job.

On its website, the organisation says, “Goodwill serves those with barriers to employment. This includes individuals with disabilities, people with limited work history, those who have experienced corporate downsizing and recipients of government support programs. Goodwill’s services are designed to meet the training and placement needs of the individual.”

@WhiteUmbrella Not political at all. And I’m surprised you question my empathy. That tends to show you don’t understand my position and you just think I’m heartless. I think your position (eliminating the exemption from the minimum wage law) would wind up harming more people than it helps, but I don’t think you’re heartless because of that, I don’t think you want to hurt people, I just think you have a misunderstanding of how job markets work.

I want people employed and valued, and a job does both of those things. You seem to think the alternative to paying them these low wages is paying them minimum wage. It’s not. The alternative to paying them these low wages is them not being employed at all. Them having a job and earning something – even if it’s little – is better than them not having a job at all.

This is plain to see – right now, even with these laws in place, there are countless jobs available that pay minimum wage or better. Especially right now, employers are desperate because they are competing with a phantom employer who pays people not to work (using money taken from everybody who is working). Why aren’t the people working these sub-minimum wage jobs taking those better-paying jobs? Largely because they lack the skills. Taking away the sub-minimum wage jobs won’t all of a sudden make all the people in them employable at a higher wage. It will just take away those jobs. Leaving those people worse off not only financially but mentally.

Have you talked to people working these jobs? I’ve been blessed to have that opportunity. While this is admittedly anecdotal, I’ve never run into one who resented their work. To a man & woman, they were happy to be employed and able to contribute to their own support. They felt valued by the work.