Celeste’s Creators Are Working On A New “2D Explor-Action Game” With Secret Of Mana Vibes – Nintendo Life

Although there’s not much more to see or to say about Earthblade until they show off some of the art, we’re quite interested in how the game will develop the ideas and design behind Celeste and Towerfall into something that looks more like a traditional RPG. For now, we’ll just have to hope it comes to Switch… which it probably will, given Celeste’s popularity on the platform.

Is this the follow-up to Celeste you were hoping for, or is it a surprising new direction? Let us know what you think about Earthblade in the comments!

@MajorasLapdog Again, I don’t have to be fair, as it is my money and time and being put on the line. I’m not knocking anybody that is looking forward to it, but you and the previous person are coming at me merely because I don’t like something you do like. I could understand that if I stated that the the game was trash or some of the more hyperbolic statements people make. But that isn’t what happened. I stated how I personally felt about another product made by this dev and that I would be passing on further products. That should have been the end of it, full stop. However you both have decided that I somehow needed convincing because or that the dev needed some sort of defense instead of just liking what you like and letting me like or dislike what I like or dislike in peace.

Reactionary? Well yes, seeing as I literally said that I didn’t like the other game this dev made and thus I have no interest in other games the dev makes. I’m assuming that you mean this in some sort of an insulting fashion however (correct me if I am wrong); you’ll have to forgive me but I don’t keep up with internet jargon so when words are given new memelike meaning I tend not to grasp where you are going. Am I not supposed to react to past experiences and use that information to inform a purchase? To do otherwise is wasteful spending.

Logically, I should be able to apply my own preferences and experiences to my purchasing choices…which I did in the first comment that I made.

So what is the problem exactly? It seems like you are saying two different things here. You cite logic, but attempt deny me my own experiences or the right to make a purchase based upon that experience. Do you buy every game and genre that comes out, hoping that it sticks, or do you like every other consumer use your own experiences and preferences to filter your purchases? I certainly do. I don’t like FPS games either and thus veto any new one that comes out; is that unfair, how so?

@Paraka I’m not saying that you said to buy it outright and if that is what you got from my response, then you missed the point I made and likely didn’t read what I wrote. I addressed your complaint which was that I was being “unfair” for dismissing this game based upon my previous experience with this dev (while ignoring your personal example as it lends nothing to my personal situation which is what my initial comment was about). As I stated I don’t have to be fair and the amount of additional information is irrelevant. I know the dev and name of the game, that is more than enough based on my prior experience.

Again, by all means when this comes out if it is your thing, please enjoy it. You won’t find me on the release comment page ripping it up; I don’t do that. What I did do however is make one and only one comment about how I feel, that I have now had to defend twice for some reason. What is unfair is that I am not allowed to state how I feel about a game without people coming to bat for a dev or somehow try to convince me my purchasing decisions are wrong. Not a fan of how I feel? Buy me the game and I’ll play it. Otherwise as previously stated I will pass and take my money elsewhere.