BREAKING: Super Nintendo World Opening March 18, 2021 at Universal Studios Japan – WDW News Today

After two delays and many technical rehearsals, Super Nintendo World is finally havings its official grand opening on March 18th!

The exciting new Mario-centric world celebrates Nintendo’s most beloved characters and combines innovative new technology with these beloved characters to create a memorable experience. The opening of Super Nintendo World is a major component of Universal Studios Japan’s upcoming 20th Anniversary celebration.

You can take a tour of Super Nintendo World above on our YouTube channel.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge

Aboard the attraction, Guests will wear goggles to fully immerse themselves in the world of Mario Kart. Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challlenge is a state of the art attraction that allows Guests to dive into the game world of Mario Kart. Guests will actually board familiar Mario Karts in grab the steering wheel, and start the race of their dreams. Guests will feel that they have entered the game world as Mario and Luigi’s carts slip through the exciting race right next to the them as they drift and spin on the course. During the race, Guests will throw the items they got from the item boxes to repel their opponents, and will compete for first place with Mario and Princess Peach. The experience changes each time you ride, such as whether you win or lose, and takes advantage of the latest in augmented reality technology to create an incredible experience for Guests. This attraction is an elaborate combination of world-class video technologies such as AR, projection mapping, and screen projection, special practical effects such as steam, and famous scenes from iconic Mario games reproduced on the courses. The attraction is approximately five minutes long, and Express Pass will be available.

Yoshi’s Adventure

Aboard Yoshi’s Adventure, Guests ride aboard their own Yoshi and follow Captain Toad on a quest for treasure! Guests riding aboard will discover fun surprises and views of the entire land on this adventure for the whole family! The attraction takes approximately five minutes. Express Pass will be available for Yoshi’s Adventure.

Power Bands

Experiences are also available in the new land to allow Guests to collect coins and virtual items with fun activities like hopping up on ? Blocks. Using Power-Up Bands available in stores within Super Nintendo World, Guests can participate in these fun “Asobi” challenges both in-person and via a mobile app.

Key Challenge

Some Key Challenges will also be available where Guests can collect virtual keys and stamps with other Guests in real-time using their whole body. Take back the golden mushrooms stolen by Bowser Jr.!

Once you’ve collected three keys from games across the land, you can experience an exciting boss battle with the little Koopa himself—Bowser Jr.! Guests will have to work together with jumping and punching to defeat him and save the golden mushrooms!

Additionally, there’s tons of merchandise on sale in Super Nintendo World for everyone! Check out our full video tours from last month during the soft open period!

Are you excited to visit Super Nintendo World next year? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! We’ll be there opening day, so stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for all the latest information from the world of Mario and the rest of the Universal parks!

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