Bonnie Cosplay

Hey everyone!

I’m finally here with a new cosplay! I decided to make Bonnie because he’s my favourite FNaF character and again, I’m sorry Scott for making your worst nightmare real.

I also decided to put the materials only here because there wasn’t enough time in the video.
Materials used:
– pizza cardboard
– hot glue
– elastic for the jaw movement
– screws and bolts
– white mosquito net for the eyes
– foam rubber
– purple and lilac felt
– fimo for the nose, teeth and bow tie
– 2 white leds for the eyes
– arduino and servomotors for the ears movement and the eyelids movement
– magnet
– worbla to cover the guitar

Music used for this video:
►denotzgii – Make some Noise [NCS Avicii Style]

►Naron – Imagination (Inspired By Alan Walker) [NCN Release]

►Five nights at Freddy’s (8 bit dance remix!)

►FNAF Music | Freddy’s Music Box Remix

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-Lightning Grace-

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