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Despite our affection for the the console, there's no denying that Wii U had its share of issues. Chiefly, Nintendo failed to properly communicate the hardware's unique potential to the game-playing public — a mistake the company was careful avoid repeating with Switch. The name was a point of confusion, too, with some people assuming that it was some sort of add-on peripheral for the original Wii (quite understandably given the strategic focus of pre-release materials on the GamePad while the new console was tucked away out of view).

Throw in some oversized, chunky styling and a lack of Wii Sports-esque launch title to instantly convey the product's appeal and it comes as little surprise that Wii U was a commercial failure, and one all the more painful following the unprecedented success of its immediate predecessor. However, all fair criticism aside, there's one area where we won't hear a word against Wii U: the games.

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Say what you like about the hardware or Nintendo's misguided marketing, but Wii U had a large library of software across a breadth of genres and styles. There's a very good reason Nintendo and third-parties have been plundering the catalogue and re-releasing Wii U games on Switch — many of them are utterly fantastic.

Below you'll find a list of the 50 best Wii U games, including both full retail releases and downloadable eShop titles. Similar to many of our other Best Games lists, the ranking is governed entirely by each title's User Rating in the Nintendo Life Game database and will constantly evolve to reflect those ratings, so you can still participate even as you read this. To do so, simply click on the User Rating star next to each title below and give it a score out of 10. The score will immediately be counted towards the total and potentially alter the ranking.

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Ready, then? Let's dive in and see why publishers the world over have been plundering this console's treasure trove for 'Deluxe' and 'Ultimate' editions on Switch. Here are your picks for the all-time 50 best Wii U games ever...

Release Date: 1st Oct 2015 (Freedom Planet is a fun and worthwhile experience. Replay value is high due to the hectic nature of the stages (you won't see everything during your first playthrough because you'll be moving too fast) and the diverse experience of playing with different protagonists — there’s plenty to keep you coming back for more. If you enjoy platformers (especially Sonic games), give this one a shot – you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Release Date: 18th Nov 2012 (Darksiders II is very, very good. In paying homage to the Zelda series while adding its own unique flavour, the team at Vigil crafted a game to appeal to those looking for a grittier take on an action-RPG dungeon crawler, while also helping Nintendo fans scratch that Hylian itch. 'Zelda substitute' would be an unfair label — Darksiders II a stellar game in its own right that is absolutely worth playing, although the Switch is probably the one to go for these days.

Release Date: 13th Aug 2013 (DuckTales: Remastered is a challenging duck-blur of a platformer that’s absolutely brimming with charm. The campaign of this affectionate remake of the NES classic may be short, but WayForward updated it in a way that makes the experience feel fresh and guarantees you'll want to revisit it. This is essential gaming for fans of the original DuckTales or the animated series, and even if you're not in those camps, it's still worth a look for fans of Disney, platformers, and Disney platformers.

Publisher: 13AM Games / Developer: 13AM Games
Release Date: 27th Aug 2015 (Runbow is a game that is very ‘Nintendo’ in every single aspect, from concept to art and sound direction, to the point that Nintendo itself held a launch party for Runbow at the Nintendo World Store in NYC. It's an excellent party game with a solid single player campaign and more unlockables than the colours of the rainbow; you won't regret playing this gem on the Wii U (or Switch).

Release Date: 18th Nov 2012 (Nintendo Land might not have been the Wii U killer app in the vein of Wii Sports, but it's still a wonderful celebration of Nintendo's past and an exciting glimpse of a future that might have been had developers been a little more adventurous with the GamePad (and had audiences responded, of course). When it works, Nintendo Land delivers riotous fun and is one of the best local multiplayer experiences ever crafted. There's also a surprising amount of depth to the single-player offerings, too, and Miiverse integration meant you were never really on your own.

For nostalgic Nintendo fans, it was simultaneously comforting and exciting (we'll take any drop of F-Zero-adjacent content we can!), and in its best moments it managed to make you feel like a kid again.

Release Date: 26th Feb 2013 (RUNNER2 grabs you by the hand and leads you on an earnest yet cheerful adventure. This is a tightly constructed, demanding and addictive title that is chock full of clever ideas and never loses sight of what makes games fun. Presenting a challenge as big as its heart, RUNNER2 was easily one of the best games on the Wii U eShop.

Release Date: 20th Jun 2013 (New Super Luigi U is a terrific title for capable platform gamers, with intense and exciting bursts of momentum to put those thumbs to the test. What that does do, however, is make multiplayer even more awkward than it was before in New Super Mario Bros. U, and arguably puts this beyond the reach of less experienced gamers, even using the indestructible Nabbit. The sense of the old you get from revisiting familiar stages here is thankfully tempered by a fresh feel and clever level design, however, and even if Luigi's adventure doesn't last long for those without completionist instincts, it's fun while it does last.

Release Date: 18th Dec 2013 (NES Remix as something only die-hard retro gamers would enjoy, but developer Indies Zero was really on to something here. The 200+ challenges are short enough to be interesting and fun to replay, but not long enough to outstay their welcome. The developer has even managed to make challenges based on games like and fun, which is an achievement in itself. If you're the type who likes to relentlessly collect stuff, the stars and stamps will also keep you entertained.

Pairs well with its sequel, too. Who wouldn't want to play Super Mario Bros. backwards?

Release Date: 29th Oct 2013 (Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag delivered an, exceptionally crafted, immensely beautiful and consuming open world that felt fantastic on Wii U. The clumsiness of the free-running mechanics showed up every so often, and low frame counts crept in here and there, but not enough to break the illusion Ubisoft painstakingly constructed in this open-world seafarer. Black Flag effortlessly sucks you into even the most insignificant of activities as you sail the high seas, and Wii U owners found plenty of gold for the plundering on their travels.

Release Date: 18th Nov 2012 (Tekken Tag Tournament 2 launched alongside Wii U and threw exclusive Nintendo costumes and power-ups into its quality fighting mix, plus DLC content from other platforms, too. This entry in Namco's franchise had already cemented itself as a quality participant contender in the genre, but add in the Wii U exclusive modes, bells and whistles and you're left with perhaps the best console version of a fine fighter.

The "gimmick" of it that they sold it with (asymmetrical gameplay), I'll admit perhaps wasn't too well implemented into games. Look, I don't know the reason for that, but instead of that, what you got with the two screen setup was a console version of what worked so well with the DS and 3DS, where (for instance) you could have a map on one screen and the gameplay on another.

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