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Nintendo Switch game case holders

Whether you’re new to Nintendo or a long-time fan, there are so many things you could collect to show your love of the games. With the Nintendo Switch, players can choose from physical games or digital copies. With all the Nintendo Switch games available, if you prefer to have the real thing in your hand, you may need a Nintendo Switch game case holder to store all your cases and collectibles in. Our best Nintendo Switch game case holder picks offer ways to show off your game collection, amiibo collections, and whatever other Nintendo treasures you have!

Show it all off:
EJGame Multifunctional Game Storage and Display Stand

This is the ultimate Nintendo and Switch game case holder. Not only can you store your Switch games, but it is also made to hold SNES, N64, NES, DS/3DS cases, as well as amiibo and Joy-Cons. Show off your games, accessories, and amiibo collection all on one stand in a beautiful display. There’s an anti-skid pad along to bottom to prevent slipping in case the stand is bumped, so your beloved collection will be safe.

Minimalist game stand:
Atlantic – Onyx DVD Tower

Keep your space simple and clean with this wire DVD tower. This option allows your home’s space to remain fairly open since this tower is mountable. It is originally meant for DVDs, so your Switch game cases may have a little wiggle room, but it can store more than 20 games.

Twirling tower:
Atlantic – Typhoon 216 Media Spinner

This floor shelf has room on the front and back, spinning at 360 degrees so you can easily look through your whole collection. Each shelf can hold more than 20 Switch games and is roughly 5.6 inches deep by 10.75 inches wide which will fit plenty of amiibo, older Nintendo games, or other collectibles.

Homely appearance:
Atlantic Inc 36-inch Drawbridge Multimedia Rack

If you want something that blends in with your home décor, this shelf will do the job. It has a beautiful black finish, so it will easily fit in with other furniture. It also has varying shelf sizes, so if you have large gaming guides as well as smaller amiibo and other items you’d like to put in your Switch game case holder, this has space.

For the ultimate collection:
Atlantic Inc 72-inch Large Media Rack

This is the mother of all Switch game case holders. Nine shelves segmented into three columns help organize your collection by type. Plus, they give some space for collectibles in between for a visually stunning display. Or you can pack it full without the worry of pulling all your games down when you grab one. It comes with discreet wall mounts to keep the tall shelf from tipping and allows your game cases or other Nintendo items to be the visual focus. This is even a great way to store NES or SNES games with labels out.

Switch storage:
FYOUNG Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch

For those more focused on the Switch specifically, the FYOUNG Charging Dock may be the solution for you. It’s a simple, smaller storage rack with a charging dock space for the Switch console and charging for Pro Controllers, Joy-Cons, and Poké Ball Plus. As far as game storage, the center holds 15 boxes, while a discreet drawer holds another 12 game cards out of the box.

Travel and store:
QTART DVD Storage Bags – Set of 2

Storing your items at home and taking them on the go can have the same solution with these clear storage bags. With this Switch game case holder option, you can keep your games or collectibles safe inside a transparent bag so you can still see your collection without exposing it. These bags have handles that make it easy to pick them up and take them along; just grab and go! Plus, they come as a set.

Compact game rack:
Atlantic Mitsu 2-Tier Media Rack

This little stand has room to expand as your collection does. With the included anchor dividers, you can move them to the end of your games to keep them held up if you don’t have enough to fill the whole Switch game case holder. It’s great for those with a smaller game collection and maybe those who want to have some way to organize with the dividers. It’s only 12.25-by-10-by-15 inches, so it’s sure to fit well on an entertainment center or desk.

Wood you like more?:
i+k 8 Tier CD DVD Storage Tower Rack

Another beautiful option is this light wood storage tower. If the tall tower doesn’t have enough as is, you can add more of these together to make a bigger-looking shelf, and it comes together very well! The shelves are adjustable, so you can choose how much space you need to include other items in your collection.

Storage drawer:
Sterilite Stackable Storage Drawer

Display may not be your goal. Maybe you just want a safe place to be able to keep your things put away. Store your games and collectibles and keep them safe and easily accessible with these stackable storage drawers! They are transparent, so you can easily see what you have stored in each drawer without having to rifle through. Get as many packs as you want; one pack comes with six, and stack and store away!

Show it off!

Whether you’ve had your Nintendo Switch for a while or are looking to get the Nintendo Switch OLED, these are a way to show off a growing collection of games and Nintendo memorabilia! Many of these Switch game case holders also have space for some Nintendo décor around them to give them an added visual appeal. Our favorite is definitely the EJGame Multifunctional Game Storage, and Display Stand made for Nintendo through the ages.

But there are definitely some other great options here, too, like the i+k 8 Tier CD/DVD Storage Tower Rack that will look great as an added furniture piece. Or the FYOUNG Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch-specific storage and display. If keeping the boxes isn’t your style, you may want to look into the best Nintendo Switch cartridge cases to keep your physical games safe without the box. How do you store your games?

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