Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Easter Egg Is Heavily Influenced By Ubisoft Singapore Studio

Months after its initial launch, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is still grabbing headlines.

We’ve played the game and it ranked pretty high among all the titles released last year.

But, its latest reveal takes a fair amount of effort to uncover as well.

Prior to the discovery of a secret weapon named the Nodens’ Arc, a YouTuber JorRaptor found a way to acquire the bow by brute force. His method of obtaining the bow was by way of repeatedly saving and loading the game.

This prompted Narrative Director of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Darby McDevitt to chime in:

FYI this is a clever brute force hack, not the “proper” way to get this bow. There is an “in world” way to achieve it. But I suppose this works for an Any% Speedrun. ?

— Darby McDevitt (@DarbyMcDevitt) January 24, 2021

This actually sent the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla community in a bit of a frenzy to figure out the mystery.

In order to help crack the code, Sary, the Access The Animus webmaster, pinged the creator of the Isu language, Antoine Henry, for a crucial hint:

@bob2356, I am here again to bother you but I have another question ? can u say if the files we translated on the ATA video are actually all the isu texts that can be found in the game or are we missing any?

— Sary (@Sary_ATA) January 24, 2021

Suffice to say, this was a critical juncture to solve the puzzle. Along the Collector’s Edition of the steel case were numbers which points to the Ubisoft Studio in Singapore.

Well done! The mystery of the numbers on the Collector’s Edition steel case is solved!

— Antoine Henry (@bob2356) January 29, 2021

Considering that Henry himself is based in Singapore, the plot thickened.

After all, the Singapore studio created the areas of East Anglia, Northumbria, Jorvick, and America in game.

In fact, the lake in Eurvicscire, looks suspiciously like Singapore. The location where the bow in-game can be found corresponds to the approximate area where Ubisoft Singapore is headquartered.

This is as far as we’d go because the entire video from Access The Animus is a fascinating watch, do check it out below:

H/T to Kotaku

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