As Switch Hits The “Middle Of Its Life Cycle”, Nintendo Is Confident It Will Overtake The Wii – Nintendo Life

@BenAV “I can’t see a dual screen Switch being too viable.”

It’s funny, everybody keeps telling me that, and I keep agreeing w/ everyone b/c they make good arguments, but I still keep thinking it’s coming regardless.

Here’s a couple of reasons why:

Nintendo followed up their 3DS clamshell w/ a 2D tablet which plays 3D games in 2D, despite praising how great 3D was. Then followed up that 2D tablet w/ a 2D clamshell. So no figuring Nintendo logic.

In regards to this aspect of the situation – “You wouldn’t have a second screen in docked mode” – how does Switch Lite work docked? What part of the Switch Lite actually, you know, switches? I’m not saying it’s wrong, lots of comments on NL by me saying Switch Lite was coming, though I usually called it SwitchBoy for kicks, so I knew it was coming, pretty much as is, but a good chunk of people on here said it could never happen b/c it doesn’t switch – no TV out, no removal Joycon, it’s just a Game Boy Advance. Which it is.

Nintendo also made a Wii Mini bundled w/ it’s best online game (at the time) Mario Kart Wii but the system didn’t have any internet access. Not even the eShop. And they made it Netflix red, b/c Wii was the most used console for streaming NF, but alas.

So just saying “it doesn’t make sense”, where Nintendo is concerned, making sense doesn’t seem to matter much.

So I still think it’s coming. Maybe it won’t be a SwitchDS any more than it will be a Switch Pro, but I just think there are too many DS and 3DS games in need of porting not to have a dual screen system at some point in the future.

Who knows, if it’s next gen they can resell all the ports of the Wii U games but add the 2nd screen back in. Pikmin 3 Deluxe DS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DS, W101 Deluxe DS. Who knows, maybe we can even get our interactive map put back into Zelda BotW Deluxe DS.

Never say never with Nintendo. You ever hear the one where the NX was going to be a tablet that goes into a dock to connect to the TV? What a joke. ?