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It’s one of Sega’s biggest games that they’ve done in recent times, and after the added wait of an extra year, Sega Amusements is finally taking pre-orders for their arcade exclusive shooter, Mission: Impossible Arcade. Here is some of the development team posing with the game, with the man in the center being Shinichi Ogasawara (Gun Blade, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Let’s Go Jungle & Transformers Human Alliance – among others), the head of design & producer for the game:

Pre-orders being open means that you can contact your preferred Sega equipment distributor, with machines shipping out very soon – they said March, but did not provide an exact date. IT could be any time, particularly where the company also uploaded the first game trailer for it today:

If you are just hearing about this one for the first time, we’ve been covering it for a while after it was initially brought to IAAPA 2019. I couldn’t film it at that time, but was able to at Amusement Expo 2020 (see below). The game should feel familiar to fans of Sega’s light-gun efforts, although it is a mounted gun shooter, which has a slightly different dynamic to it than a game with free guns. The most unique aspect of this game is the team race – it’s part Daytona, part Time Crisis, where the two players of a team must eliminate enemies and resolve QTEs faster than the opposing team. If there are no people to play with, the computer fills it in with AI, but it’s certainly more exciting when you compete with real people.

Also to note that while this is licensed from Paramount, and contains some familiar things from the films, it does not feature likenesses of famous actors like Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg, as that would probably increase the cost of the machine by dramatic measure.  Of course, a machine of this size comes with a hefty price tag, so it’s intended for FECs regardless; I am also unsure if the back piece with the big monitor is included or is optional, as I recently saw a Sega salesman post this image of the game on his LinkedIn page. This shows the game open on both sides (something that Sega told me they were considering after several FEC operators said they preferred it that way) along with some different artwork than seen on the photo at the top of the page. The guns are also grey instead of blue:

Another little tidbit that was probably forgotten with time is that Sega is working on a special attraction version of this game for the Tokyo Joypolis, that will possibly involve up to eight players, although no clue whether or not that is still in the works at this point; Same with a smaller 2p version.

What do you think about this game from everything that has been shown about it so far? Where do you think it will stack up against Sega’s long line of shooters?

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