Ambitious Open-World RPG Skyclimbers Is Coming To Switch, Subject To Crowdfunding Success – Nintendo Life

Paratope has revealed plans to bring its open-world RPG Skyclimbers to the Switch, but before you get too excited at the prospect, it’s worth noting that the game is still a long way from release – the Kickstarter campaign required to fund full development is yet to go live.

Skyclimbers will include real-time base building, NPCs, resource management, item crafting and much more besides. You’ll be able to fight (and tame) monsters, with subjugated beasts turning into handy companions in battle.

It all sounds pretty ambitious. What are the chances of this coming to Nintendo’s console intact? Will you be funding the crowdfunding campaign once it goes live? Let us know with a comment.

With the Switch soon to enter its 5th year, I wouldn’t feel comfortable funding a title that hasn’t even started proper development yet. It could be 2 or 3 years off at least. Especially from an unknown developer, who so far have released just 1 game for VR devices and currently have 2 more in development with no release date. Now they’re taking on another one?

The one game they have released, Sky Climbers VR, has limited information online but I did find a couple of reviews. They say it looks great and starts well but then after a while, it’s clear the game was released before being finished and becomes a buggy mess.

I don’t do Kickstarter but if I did, I wouldn’t go near this one.

Edit – I just realised that this new game is an open world version of that only release, the unfinished buggy mess. Yeah, I’d stay well away from this.

Thanks for providing us some clarity.

I’m all for procedurally generated landscapes if they enhance an otherwise fully-fleshed out world with hours more content. We’re a long way from the Arena and Daggerfall days, but this seems like a good compromise between fine-detail open games like Morrowind/Oblivion (which this looks like too)/Skyrim/Breath of the Wild etc and massive proc gen games like Morrowind’s predecessors.

Daggerfall was MASSIVE – the size of the real world UK – but proc gen. Morrowind by comparison is tiny. It’s roughly half the size of Skyrim, which is roughly half the size of Breath of the Wild, which is roughly the size of the city of Kyoto (so Morrowind was roughly 1/4 the size of Kyoto). But Morrowind and those other non-proc gen games are highly details with much more interesting story environs and used mountains and other barriers smartly to make the game feel bigger than it is (Breath of the Wild peels that away a bit by letting you climb anything, but it only starts to feel small once you have enough stamina to actually climb anything without falling (and even then you gotta luck out with weather), or can warp all over to every shrine across the map, or have the master cycle zero to zoom around the map).

I’m looking forward to more games taking this merged approach.