50 Moments When Great Taste And Great Execution Combined To Create Something Exceptional

There are many communities on Reddit that document people’s complicated relationship with the way they execute their ideas.

You’ve probably heard about the subreddits “Awful Taste But Great Execution” and “Awful Taste And Awful Execution,” and if not, please check out our previous features with great executions (here) and not so much (here).

But this time, we’re taking a more positive outlook towards how the visions and projects turn out and diving deep into the subreddit “Great Taste And Great Execution” (GTAGE).

Whether it’s a smart design, nicely made product packaging, or a cool piece of furniture, they all fall into this collection of reality meeting great expectations, if not surpassing them.

#1 This Mystique Cosplay

Image credits: swap714

#2 Tie Dyed Wedding Dress

Image credits: superfly355

#3 Croissant Dragons

Image credits: reddit.com

Bored Panda spoke with Laura Vanagaite, an international freelance graphic designer who specializes in branding and social media content creation, to find out what it takes to go from a great idea to its great execution, and why it’s not that simple.

Laura explained that bringing a design idea from vision to execution requires a combination of creativity, technical skills, and project management. “This includes defining the design brief and goals, researching and gathering information, prototyping, refining the design, and producing final assets,” she said.

#4 This UFO Chicken Coop

Image credits: marsrunner7260

#5 Incredible Seashore Wood Table

Image credits: ProfStorm

#6 After The Fall Of The Soviet Union, A City In Ukraine Was Getting Rid Of All Their Communist Statues. A Local Artist Converted The Last Remaining One Into Darth Vader

Image credits: ProfStorm

According to the graphic designer, it also involves effective communication and collaboration with the team. “Effective project management skills, such as setting realistic deadlines, keeping to budget constraints, and continually testing and refining the design are also crucial for the successful execution of a design project.”

Laura also said that poor execution can ruin even the best creative idea. “A great idea alone is not enough to guarantee success. It must be effectively executed to bring the idea to life and meet the intended purpose.”

#7 The Top Of This 1954 Camper Is A Boat

Image credits: ProfStorm

#8 This Bus Used To Advertise A Zoo

Image credits: Itduke

#9 Black On Black Vw Bus

Image credits: ProfStorm

Moreover, poor execution can result in a final product that is not functional, aesthetically unpleasing, or fails to effectively communicate the intended message, Laura argues. “This can result in the idea being perceived as a failure. It is important to give equal attention to both the creativity and the execution in order to realize the full potential of a creative idea.”

#10 Professor Repainted Observatory Into Giant R2-D2

Image credits: ProfStorm

#11 This Pirate Ship Model Standing 8ft (2.4m) Tall And Over 7ft (2.2m) Long That Took 14 Months To Construct

Image credits: ProfStorm

#12 This Force Ghost Luke Cosplay

Image credits: Sandman0077

Having said that, Laura believes that both good ideas and good execution are important for the product’s success. “A great idea without good execution can lead to a disappointing outcome, while a well-executed idea can still fall short if the original concept was not strong. A balance of both is essential for the best results when it comes to any type of creative project,” the graphic designer explained.

#13 The Thinker Lamp

Image credits: jjonez76

#14 This Dude Built His Kid A Lamborghini Out Of Mostly Wood

Image credits: ProfStorm

#15 Music Shop Shutters

Image credits: EndMeRightNowPlz

Meanwhile, both bad ideas and poor executions can be common in design. Laura explained that a designer may have a great idea, but if they lack the skills or resources to execute it effectively, the final result may not meet their expectations.

“On the other hand, a designer may have a solid execution plan, but if the original idea is not strong, the final result may not be successful. It is important to continually evaluate and improve both the creativity and execution of a design project to achieve the best results.”

#16 This Key Shaped Like A Little Sword

Image credits: TheFatMistake

#17 This Stunning Timber Floor

Image credits: ProfStorm

#18 If You Like Trees… And Cats

Image credits: sheensizzle

We also asked Laura exactly how important it is to have good taste in art and design. “Good taste in design and creativity is the ability to create aesthetically pleasing, functional, and effective solutions that meet the needs and expectations of the intended audience.”

Laura concluded that although it’s subjective, it’s still very important since “it helps establish credibility and communicate effectively, while still allowing room for innovation and risk-taking.”

#19 Dragon Bench By Igor Loskutow

Image credits: ChaosKnightfox

#20 This Is A Great Take On Something That’s Just Always Been There But Nobody Thought To Have Fun With. It Conveys ‘Exit’ Better Too

Image credits: ExistentialYurt

#21 This Cake My Nan Made For My 17th Birthday

Image credits: rockboiler

#22 This Custom NASA Lamp

Image credits: GammaRayRat

#23 This Scooter And Sidecar

Image credits: ProfStorm

#24 This German Kindergarten

Image credits: AngryPupperNutter

#25 Stunning Arched Doorway With Built-In Bookshelves

Image credits: ThisIsDefoAFakeName

#26 Wooden Table With Helical Legs

Image credits: HowardJDuck

#27 This Bridge In Germany Painted To Look Like Legos

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Mario Themed Fish Tank

Image credits: ProfStorm

#29 An Old TV Repurposed Into A Cat Bed

Image credits: ProfStorm

#30 Death Star Fire Pit

Image credits: Opusprime15

#31 This Kid’s Playhouse

Image credits: ProfStorm

#32 Wood And Resin Lamp That Looks Like Its Burning

Image credits: HowardJDuck

#33 This Bender Mailbox

Image credits: Masklophobia

#34 Hardwood Spiral Staircase

Image credits: ProfStorm

#35 This Wall Painting On My Street (2 Painters Worked On This)

Image credits: MrOopee

#36 A Restaurant Dressed Up For Halloween Ghostbusters Style

Image credits: ProfStorm

#37 Blacksmith From Slovakia Made A Dragon Car

Image credits: walkerka

#38 Custom Table Made From Original Golden Gate Bridge Suspender Ropes

Image credits: lemonheadlester

#39 Christmas Tree Created From Local Sea Glass

Image credits: TheSacredEarth

#40 Alyson Tabbitha As Dark Knight Joker

Image credits: xaidan

#41 65-Inch Flatscreen Modded To Look Like A Giant Nintendo Switch

Image credits: ProfStorm

#42 Natural Stone Fireplace

Image credits: ProfStorm

#43 Curved Wood Cabinet

Image credits: ProfStorm

#44 Tonka Truck

Image credits: ProfStorm

#45 Ps1 Cake

Image credits: justlooking250

#46 This Homemade Cardboard Tetris Game

Image credits: ProfStorm

#47 Remember: All I’m Offering Is The Water

Image credits: Bozzerone

#48 Stormtrooper Wood Burner

Image credits: ProfStorm

#49 This LEGO “Hand-Bag”

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 This Champagne Cork Chair

Image credits: Yung-Producer