30 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games To Look Forward To In 2021 – Feature – Nintendo Life

Loads on this list im looking forward too.

both Metroid and Zelda i think are a bit too soon, Zelda may drop for the holidays though, but they restarted development on Metroid only 2 years ago so i highly doubt we’ll see anything anytime next year or even the year after.

I personally think Bayonetta 3 was actually Astral Chain, I’m guessing the developers wanted to do something different midway through development (that happens a lot), so they decided to use the assets they had already created to make a brand new game, instead of wasting all that effort – hence why Astral Chain dropped on the Switch out of nowhere and fits in the same genre of action hack and slash as the game it was meant to be.

Thats just my personal opinion but it would make sense on why we haven’t heard anything about the game.

Rune Factory 5 alone would have made next year on Switch for me, but there’s so much more promising stuff on the way, and even more we still have no idea about.

Ironically, I’m not particularly looking forward to the Nintendo titles, though – I mean, beyond the definite general appreciation of their advent. As discussed elsewhere, I even eschewed this holiday’s voucher pack opportunity in favour of more third party discounts because I wasn’t certain what to grab with the second voucher after 3DAS. Even the upcoming 3D World seems a bit too “prospective” a purchase for me, given Galaxy 2 and 3D Land and the whole bunch of NSMB titles between it and 3DAS in the respective franchise binge, and there’s even more ground left to cover before Fire Emblem Three Houses. Same goes for the known in-development stuff… Prime 4? I have yet to play the first 3 and frankly any of the franchise in the first place. BotW 2? Forget finishing the first one, I haven’t even uncovered the full map therein yet, and that’s after 120+ hours! Although mark my word, the sequel could tempt my resistance away with a substantially playable Zelda… not that I’m betting too much on such a scenario.

@Expa0 “getting unstuck from PS3” is music to my ears, although there are plenty more titles I believe it needs to happen to.

Can’t overlook other “exclusives” of consoles past while we’re at it either. From Tales of Legendia on PS2 (and I’d include a quite a list of Gust titles, but most of them seem like a licensing hell nowadays) to Lost Odyssey and Infinite Undiscovery on XB360… damn. “Generation exclusive” multiplats like Eternal Sonata, too. But we’ve had impressive precedents on Switch in the recent years (even I never expected something like Neverwinter Nights to show up, and Ni no Kuni frankly used to feel like a bit of a pipe dream), so hope springs eternal.