17 new (and 1 WTF) Android games from the last two weeks: The best, worst, and everything in between (12/28/20 – 1/10/21)

Welcome to the roundup of the new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous two weeks or so. Today’s list is broken up into several segments, ranging from best, average, to mediocre. So whether you’re looking for the best games of quality or are simply looking for the latest free-to-play gacha titles, you’re covered. This week I have a fantastic block-breaking game, an enjoyable point and click adventure that offers an oceanic theme, and a unique fighting game that isn’t monetized horribly. So without further ado, here are the new and notable Android games released during the last two weeks.

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Best Games

Titles that offer fair pricing, enjoyable gameplay, polished interfaces, or are intriguing

Save Eddy Smile

Save Eddy Smile is a quirky puzzle game all about clearing a rising level of blocks in each stage. The game works somewhat like a physics-based sandbox in that you can use eight different tools to get rid of the blocks in each stage, and so you will often have to use multiple items just to clear your way through the crowd. This not only makes for a hectic but enjoyable game, but it’s pretty original to boot, so I definitely recommend checking it out. Just remember that it’s in early access, so a few bugs could crop up.

Monetization: free / contains ads / IAPs from $0.99 – $7.49

Professor Lupo: Ocean

Professor Lupo: Ocean is an indie point and click adventure game that landed on PC in October and has just made its way to Android this week. The game’s art is great, and the voice acting is competent, plus the title offers an enjoyable sense of humor. Best of all, the game’s puzzles are delightful, without ever being too easy. So if you dig point and click adventure games, I recommend checking out Professor Lupo: Ocean this week.

Monetization: free / no ads / IAPs $3.49 apiece

Vita Fighters

Vita Fighters is a 1v1 fighting game that’s enjoyable for newbies and seasoned fighting game aficionados alike. As you can see, the title offers simple low-poly graphics, something reminiscent of Sega’s Virtua Fighter series. There are 15 playable characters to choose from, and each brings their own unique skills. There’s even a boss fight in the mix, and physical controllers are supported out of the box.

Monetization: free / contains ads / no IAPs

Dottania is a business sim where you’ll choose your hero to then manage your town as a lord would, and there’s a crafting mechanic too, which means you’ll fulfill the wishes of your townspeople by crafting the items they require. There are also a few life-sim mechanics as well, so you can go fishing or explore your friend’s towns. As far as pixel-based indie games go, this release offers enough content to keep players busy for a while.

Monetization: $6.49 / no ads / no IAPs

Dentures and Demons 2

Dentures and Demons 2 is the sequel to the point and click adventure game Dentures and Demons, which has found a good bit of success and remains well-reviewed two years after its release. This means the sequel was very much anticipated, which is why it’s already amassed many positive reviews itself. Like most adventure games, you can expect a wicked sense of humor in this release, which is precisely why so many are already fond of this title.

Monetization: free / contains ads / IAPs from $1.49 – $2.49

TinyVale is a life-sim shop management game. Essentially, you’ll venture out into the world to collect items that can then be sold in your shop. Collecting these items can be challenging, and you’ll have to use specific tools to collect some of this stuff, which will cost you money, creating the gameplay loop. It’s an enjoyable loop, though it can be a little grindy, but since this title is priced appropriately, I can easily recommend that fans of life or management sims check the title out.

Monetization: free / contains ads / IAPs $2.99 apiece

Flipchamps Dual Strike

Flipchamps Dual Strike is a quirky fighting game where you’ll jump from one platform to the next in an effort to collect energy that will be useful in beating up your opponent. This makes for hectic battles despite the simple setup, which in turn allows for a good bit of fun. There are eight collectible heroes to unlock, a solo story mode to experience, and you can even battle your friends on a single device, with each player taking command of opposite sides of the screen.

Monetization: free / contains ads / no IAPs

Titles that may not be the best-of-the-best, but still offer fun and interesting mechanics

Galaxy Genome

Galaxy Genome is an open-world space exploration game where you get to hunt pirates, rob merchants, and transport illegal goods, all in an effort to secure your place as a respected/feared force in the universe. Your decisions are yours to make, so you’ll have to choose your path as you start to eke out an existence, all while slowly building your empire.

Monetization: $1.99 / no ads / no IAPs

Mad Cars

Mad Cars takes your typical auto-runner and spices it up with multiple runners you have to control at once. Its game over should all of your vehicles crash, so it will be up to you to ensure that as many cars as possible remain roadworthy during each run. This makes for a much more hectic auto-runner, so if you enjoy similar games but are still searching for an interesting take, Mad Cars is worth a quick look.

Monetization: free / contains ads / no IAPs


9 Endless Racers in 1 (Early Access)

9 Endless Racers in 1 is an early access release that offers nine separate endless runner mini-games, and each offers a unique theme. More content and improvements are expected in the future, though what’s currently available is a solid enough effort with more than enough content to keep people busy for a good while. So if you’re a fan of endless runners, you might want to check out 9 Endless Racers in 1.

Monetization: free / contains ads / IAPs from $1.99


Avoid Giants

Oddly enough, Avoid Giants is another auto-runner that offers multiple runners you have to control during each run, just like Mad Cars. I’m guessing there’s a game out there that has found success with a similar approach, and so many titles are aiming to copy that success with similar setups. This is the ebb and flow of the Play Store, so it isn’t a surprising turn of events, though it’s hard to appreciate games like Avoid Giants when similar options are popping up at the same time. At the very least, the game can be fun as you avoid getting stepped on, though it grows old quickly.

Monetization: free / no ads / no IAPs

Bead Pets!

Bead Pets! takes the fun of creating bead art and replicates it in the digital realm. This means you can virtually create bead animals within this game, and it works similarly to how the art form works in the real world. You string leather straps through the beads, and you do it in a specific way with specific beads to create objects that look like animals. Sure, this is a casual release, but if you’re a bead fanatic, you might get a kick out of it.

Monetization: free / contains ads / no IAPs


Premium RPG Asdivine Saga

Kemco is still pumping out generic RPGs, so RPG Asdivine Saga is the studio’s latest English release. As you can guess, this is a turn-based RPG where you’re tasked with saving the world with a group of unlikely friends. Despite the fact this game is priced at $7, it also contains in-app purchases, just like many of Kemco’s titles, though it’s not like these purchases are necessary to complete the game. I suppose this setup pays well, which is why Kemco continues this path, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Monetization: $6.99 / contains ads / IAPs from $0.99 – $49.99

Titles that are buggy, unpolished, or offer aggressive monetization

Cube Crush: Mystery Puzzle Adventure

Cube Crush: Mystery Puzzle Adventure is a tile-based matching game. Even though this sounds like a familiar setup that’s available in many similar titles, there’s actually a bit of design behind this release, making for a polished game. Sadly this is also a title filled with in-app purchases, which means you’ll run into false walls as the game pushes you to spend money. Sadly, Cube Crush: Mystery Puzzle Adventure is a cash grab.

Monetization: free / contains ads / IAPs from $1.99 – $79.99

Galaxy Glory

Galaxy Glory is a free-to-play SHMUP that offers roguelike mechanics, because why design interesting levels when you can get an AI to spit them out on the fly. As you would expect of a game using lazy game design in a title that’s also filled with in-app purchases, this is a game that’s also filled with a pointless grind that can be easily alleviated by spending money, but only for a short while. After all, this is a game designed to keep players coming back to spend their cash. So unless you really love SHMUPS, I’d say you can easily skip this one.

Monetization: free / contains ads / IAPs from $0.99 – $99.99

Mist Forest

Mist Forest is the latest free-to-play RPG from NetEase, and as you would expect, the game is gated aggressively, which means you’ll frequently run into grind walls that exist to push players towards the title’s in-app purchases. Basically, this is a generic idle AFK game, so it brings nothing new to the table, which means it exists primarily as a cash grab, and it’s an unbalanced one at that.

Monetization: free / contains ads / IAPs from $0.99 – $99.99


Stella Arcana

Stella Arcana is the latest MMORPG on the Play Store to offer a mix of RPG content and life sim mechanics to form a cutesy release that’s packed to the gills with in-app purchases. Yep, this is a cash grab that offers gender-locked characters, just like the rest, and it’s poorly balanced to boot. The only thing going for this release is the excellent graphics. Too bad the gameplay constantly forces grind walls. This could have been a fun game.

Monetization: free / no ads / IAPs from $0.99 – $99.99

WTF Game Of The Week

Shave Run

Just take a quick look at the screenshots below, and you’ll see why Shave Run is our WTF game this week. That’s right, this is an auto-runner where you’re tasked with shaving hair, and the best part is that you’ll have to dodge nipples as you shave your way to victory. While I can’t say I ever expected to write about triple nipples in my gaming coverage, here we are, and frankly, I feel we need more games themed around hairy teats because there’s clearly nothing repulsive about the pics below, no sirree.

Monetization: free / no ads / no IAPs

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